On the Freedom to Play

A member of my home group is going to run a game, and I'm going to play. This is the e-mail I sent her. This is my baseline resources for running a game from scratch! If you are a new Dungeon Master, or know a new Dungeon Master, perhaps this might be of help to them.

Third edition rules, online searchable database

Random Dungeon Geomorph Generation

Complete random environment design.

One Page Dungeons


Dyson's Dodecahedron for pre-drawn maps!

A list of collected random tables

A list of non-random table resources

Wiki containing blog resources organized by topic

And, the best resource for creativity in games on the web, The Dungeon Dozen

Some additional information for the blog readers! You can contribute a link to the Links to Wisdom, making it better. +Dyson Logos has a Patron campaign, as does +Tony Dowler (Patron)


  1. http://donjon.bin.sh/

    This is a bottomless well of awesome stuff.

    Abulafia: http://www.random-generator.com/

    Even more awesome stuff.

  2. Curses, someone beat me to donjon! The free book at http://www.gamemastering.info/ has a wealth of information for the novice GM as well as many tables for various things.

    MapTool (http://www.rptools.net/) and Roll20 (http://roll20.net) are also great for GMs wanting to start a game, but cannot get a local group going.

    I just got into tabletop RPGs a little over a year ago. A friend and I started a D&D group together. Not sure of what edition, we went with 4th Edition. However, our biggest difficulty was finding resources to play/run the game, even when we both purchased D&D Insider. A few months ago at my suggestion, my friend decided to switch his game to Pathfinder instead, and found it absolutely amazing how easy it was to find resources for it -- from the source reference document to all of the 3rd edition material floating around. It also made it much easier to introduce new players without having to force them to buy a book or illegally pass around PDFs.

    Easily available resources is a major boon for a game.


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