On the Bad Cop

I get bigger and am filled with
useful information!
Getting sick sucks.

Being sick is worse.

It is my personal opinion that historically, most people were constantly exposed to tragedy. The fact that we've managed to box most of that in with modern treatments, medical miracles, and antibiotics is a large factor in heightened anxiety levels in modern society.

But that's not what I'm talking about today.

I am the button.
Some cool people (+James Raggi and +Rafael Chandler) recently released a module called Bad Myrmidon.

Let me say to you it is good in all the ways that options that present power at costs that have no mechanical value that can create good, memorable play is good. Every written encounter says to me, I must do better!

The module is free and worth downloading. Yes. It's good. WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE ALREADY PRESSED TEH BUTTON!?

That said, you should pay, because proceeds go towards helping +Mandy Morbid, gamer, activist, and model. She suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Can you imagine?

When was the last time you were in a hospital? Could you imagine needing to be in and out of them constantly? She lives in the wrong country to have a debilitating illness, and doing anything that could help ease the pain and bring joy in the season of giving for her -- well, you probably spend more on sugar drinks this month than you're going to donate, everyone reading this on their computron can likely afford a dollar.

It's well worth that and more for the adventure!


  1. Purchased. I used to enjoy I Hit It With My Axe (haven't kept up) and hopefully Caitlin will want to run it as her first campaign.

    1. It ended, yah.

      I mean, not the campaign. You can actually play in that with Zak online. But the show.

  2. While I've been sitting on my warm couch with my leg in the air from a ski accident, I would think of the miners who used to dig for silver here in Aspen back before oxycodone, and talented surgeons who can put your ankle together. I'm sure some of those poor blighters had to go weeks at a time writhing in agony all busted up. Pain sucks. Best wishes all, stay safe, and be kind. And yeah, I'll make a purchase.


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