On Questions from the Octopi Lord

Trying to be good, trying to be good.

I am glad people are. . . inspired to do something. Like answer (can't say really stupid, dull, banal, uninteresting. . . ummmm, don't say anything) boring (d'oh, stupid brain) questions for thirty days.

Me? I'm going to take one day to answer questions for the Octopi Lord.

1. What is your favorite villain you ever challenged players with?

Uh, it's a tie. Lareth from the Temple of Elemental Evil and his team of Ice Hockey playing trolls (I might have been playing a lot of NHL '89 at the time) versus the half-dragon templated troll cleric. Did I mention half-dragon gives you immunity to acid and fire?

What is your favorite organization behind wrong-doing in your setting?

Whoever the characters are working for is a safe bet.

What is the most interesting location you ever staged a battle in?

Goodness. Most interesting? Probably fighting off an attack on a crashing airship is up there. Fighting waves of demons triggered by distance traveled on an elevator that goes to heaven? The aforementioned hockey game? Fighting Bebliths on the interior of a sphere encased in lava? Racing Ghoul monks in a dim maze to recover two targets?

I dunno. I'm forgetting 300. After 30 years it's a hard call. I'll say that combats tend to be a lot more interesting in general now, rather than they used to be. I can't remember the last time I fought an orc in a room with a pie.

What is the most interesting chase scene you ever had in a game?

Players had to escape a beholder spelljammer. It was a bit of a funhouse as the large slow beholders tried to block their egress, as they ran though the mazelike corridors.

What is the most evocative scenic location you have used in a game?

Any town suffering an attack by Neogi slavers. Hits 'em right in the gut.

What is the most interesting one-of-a-kind unique monster in your games?

Sentient Golems. Possibly any talking NPC. Those encounters are always more interesting.

What is the most tantalizing artifact, relic or tech you have ever used in game?

I've always been fond of giving characters items that increase in power as they do. A bow that fires arrows whose effects vary based on the type of gold and gems it is fed would have to be my favorite.

What is the most world shattering thing a player has ever got up to in your settings?

Ignoring the whole "Become a god" thing which happens. I have one of my players convinced that he built the megadungeon he's exploring.

It's working out pretty well for him so far!

What is the strangest death of a character in game you have run?

Uh. Hm. I die a lot, thief swallowed whole, paladin killed by a fire giant, dwarf druid making a full attack against a remorhaz. In my games?

Here's my kill list from my Hackmaster Campaign.

1. Harcus kills Bobr with cause light wounds (Dead Body Burned in a Carin and sent to the gods)
2. Evil House kills Jewbu by a critical to the forehead (Brain Destroyed, Reincarnated)
3. Nurring killed by Combaticus in an artifact driven fit of jealously. (Left for dead)
4. Jin is killed by Amphisbaena poison (Resurrected)
5. Warin is cooked by Death Knights Fireball (Resurrected)
6. Erdrick is slain by Death Watch Beetle rattle (Raised from the dead)
7. Erdrick is killed by Blood Guzzler (Left to die as a coward)
8. Andoran is cut down by animated bugbears in stasis (Raise dead failed)
9. Iorran was critically hit in the groin by a bone demon hook (Raised from the dead)
10. Josh2's cleric was mind blasted by a Su-Monkey (Raised from the dead)
11. Iorran was roasted by the quadrielemental demon. (Ashed, Reincarnated)
12. Faoramir had his arm bitten off by a Juju zombie (Raised from the dead)
13. Drake had his throat cut and spine damaged by a Barbezu demon (Raised from the Dead)
14. Jin killed by a reflected lightning bolt. (Raised from the dead)
15. Faoramir killed by Avacia using a lightning wand. (Dead)
16. Gareth killed by death ray from beholder. (Raised from the Dead)
17. Combaticus killed by a burning flame from a Director Beholder-Kin. (Raised from the Dead)
18. Grigori killed by Power Word Kill trap on door (Spending eternity in hell)

19. Zeltara and Null killed by Giant Ant poison. (Elf, Dead)

What is the most intriguing challenge, trap, or non combat obstacle in your games?

My non-player characters, certainly. I also have a lot of traps.

What is most interesting ability or character option you have added to your game?

Skills: the Middle Road and Weapon mastery and Useful Fighter Feats

What is the strangest mash up or weirdest system hack you have made in gaming?

My Dungeon Master pretentiousness is too strong to answer this question without looking like a milksop. Can I just admit I'm getting better and move on?

Probably going to get around to answering Zak's questions sooner or later too.

I mostly think nobody reads these, and they tend to get skipped.


  1. "I have one of my players convinced that he built the megadungeon he's exploring."


  2. You have spelljammer answers! I want to play spelljammer so badly it makes my teeth hurt.

  3. These, at least, are interesting questions.


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