On Player Level

No not character level, player level!

What's your experience point total?

Own an RPG 50 Points
Own up to 10 RPGs 500 Points
Own more than 10 RPGs 800 Points
Own miniatures 500 Points
Own more than 100 minatures  2,000 Points
Own more than 1000 minatures OR had your spouse complain about the number of minatures you own 4,000 Points
Have painted miniatures 1,000 Points
Per campaign you've played in the last 5 years 200 Points
Per campaign you've run in the last 5 years 500 Points
If you ran or played in a campaign prior to 2000 2,000 Points
Currently running in a campaign 1,000 Points
Currently playing in a campaign 50 Points
Per prepared module you've ran 250 Points
Per campaign you've participated in that lasted over 6 months of weekly play (24 sessions) 2,500 Points
Per campaign you've ran that lasted over 6 months of weekly play (24 sessions) 5,000 Points
Per printout contained in your Dungeon Master Notebook or Per Page in your character sheet folder 10 Points
Have a FLAILSNAILS PC. 500 Points
Have more than one FLAILSNAILS PC's 2,000 Points
Have more than 10 FLAILSNAILS PC's 5,000 Points
Have a D&D or RPG blog 4,000 Points
Have over 100 followers or 300 daily hits 6,000 Points
Have over 300 followers or 1000 daily hits 10,000 Points
Have over 1000 followers or 2500 daily hits 20,000 Points
Had a player character die 25 Points
Had more than 10 player characters die 1,000 Points
Ran a campaign with a player character death 1,000 Points
Ran a campaign with over 10 player character deaths 10,000 Points
For each level you've gained as a PC in the last 5 years 500 Points
For each character in a campaign reaching demi-god or greater status 10,000 Points
Self-published a Role Playing Game book 5,000 Points
Self-published a Role Playing Game book that sold over 100 copies or made over 1000$ 10,000 Points
Started a publishing company to sell your role playing game books 30,000 Points
Had a book you wrote published by a role playing game book publisher 20,000 Points
Played in a game over Google Hangouts 500 Points
Run a game in a Google Hangout 1,000 Points
Attended a convention in the last year 1,000 Points
Attended a convention for two consecutive years 2,000 Points
Attended a convention for five consecutive years 4,000 Points
For ecah convention you've attended 500 Points

1) Neophyte           < 100
2) Novice               101 - 1,000
3) Adept                1,001 - 2,000
4) Veteran              2,001 - 4,000
5) Adventurer           4,001- 8,000
6) Gamer                8,001 - 15,000
7) Expert Gamer         15,001 - 30,000
8) Arch-Gamer           30,001 - 50,000
9) Game Master          50,001 - 100,000
10) Game Lord           100,001 - 150,000
11) Game Lord (2)       150,001+

I have 93,975 experience. Game Lord here I come!


  1. 35,225 ... I can live with Arch-Gamer for now. I need to get some more conventions under my belt and start publishing if I want to make Game Lore. Time to get to work :)

  2. I came in near 56,000 - "Game Master". Looks like I'll need to publish something to ascend to "Game Lord". Nice table - a little Friday fun!

  3. 50,225. Game Master

    I was not expecting to do too well at this, but until counting I had not realized just how many long campaigns I've run.

  4. How many additional points do I get for attending the same convention for 25+ years?

  5. Game Master @ 74,100! Wow, higher level than I thought!

  6. 25450 (Expert Gamer)

    I don't know. I feel like the scoring system is wrong. I've only been playing for a year and half. Though, do I get any bonus points for creating Ultima-style sprite tokens for each PC in my campaign?

  7. 24815, Level 7, Expert Gamer. I should be Level 8 by this time next year.

  8. Are these all cumulative? If you have more than 10 RPGs, do you get 1350?

    1. I would also like to know the answer to this question :)

  9. GAME LORD!!! The chart needs to go to higher levels.

    1. Oh yeah: 106,250 I'm pretty sure I shorted myself a few points I've been playing for over 33 years. I've had sessions where no one made it fown the first corridor and were supplying themselves with fallen PCs gear.

  10. I was doing okay until this:
    Per prepared module you've ran

    Er, ever? I don't even know how to count all the times I ran modules since I started in 81 . . . I may have to estimate.

    1. Okay, roughly estimating on a couple things, I clock in at 124,625. Might be higher if I could remember all the discrete campaigns I ran. I counted all the games I ran in elementary school as one game.

      I've been at this a while. :)

    2. I got something similar just with the number of campaigns that curled up and died under my belt. By my rough guestimation I would be scoring 39,000 alone there.

    3. But my issue is I have been at this for a decade and never published or been on a con panel. And I'm only 22. A) how the hell does that work? B) I'm can't possibly be that good, because I got so much more I need to learn.

  11. 140,325. Then again, I game 3 days a week, and some games use multiple characters.

  12. I think the scoring is fairly legit. Some people play lots of games but others have been to lots of conventions. And publishing your stuff is a big deal.

    100,400. I was thinking that must be just over some kind of hump, before I checked the levels!

    Realized I've run zero modules, attended zero conventions, published zero things, no G+ or FLAILSNAILS. Most of my points came from all the long-running campaigns I've played or run.

    I think having 1 game and having 11 games should both be scored; after all, at some point you would have received the XP for having one game and then are you expected to deduct XP and then add more? Plus, things like video game achievements work this way already: get a Bronze Star for 100 gems and get a Silver for 1000 gems, you keep the points for both.

    I didn't do that when I scored mine, though. Didn't think about it until I was already done.

  13. 100675, at least. I'm a Game Lord. But I already knew that.

  14. 22,800 here. Expert Gamer, well on my way toward Arch-Gamer. I've gotta start gaming via Hangout.

    One thing about the scoring - what about games played via IRC or forums? I imagine they'd be scored similarly to G+, though I didn't count any of my play-by-post games in my score.

  15. Huh! Arch-gamer, at 43350, and I may've forgotten a game or two. Main point sources are a demigod PC from back when and killing lots of PCs.

  16. 54,250... Thanks for that... It was fun to add up!

  17. Hmm, need to found a publishing company and get publishing to get me over the top: 81,225.

  18. At least 93,075 (I don't know how many character sheets I have or printout pages my DM notebook have). But I'm waiting to gain more 20,000 points (or three times this) the next year.

  19. Some how I have 54,675+ exp, so I'm level 9.

  20. Does killing a god as a low-level character count as becoming a demigod?

  21. 21,225 xp - Level 7 - Expert Gamer... That seems fairly fair.

  22. 15725... Expert Gamer... but in my defense I must say that I was stopped for 7 years and I started to play again only a couple of months ago! ;)

  23. Arch-Gamer (33.550 xp). Though I'm being conservative regarding my notes, and still haven't got my own system done :(


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