On a New Drug

Blogging is a transitional form of journalism.

Low-paid, usually, but that varies.

What happens? They quit, join a larger outfit, or find a way to integrate the communication into their lives.

Do most people use social faceplussing?

Who cares what most people do.

Worst side effect? Blog turnover.
Best side effect? Blog turnover.

Without question, let +Arnold K. Goblin Punch you in the face right now. DO IT.

He wrote about tigers. HEY. NOT BORING.
Tigers are code for predators that still successfully hunt humans.

He also wrote about a spell called Catherine which is like the only non-shite implementation of dead orc babies I've ever seen.

If you read those two posts and don't want to see everything the man writes, well then you and me just don't have anything to talk about.

I want to move on, but can I mention dinosaur clerics?

Here are some other blogs and things mentioned that might refresh a blog being beset by belated blogging. That's right.

Others to follow:

Last Gasp (Art, gaming, and smut) +Logan Knight

Games with Others (Needs to update more, but good stuff) +Pearce Shea

Death and Axes (Something new that might be good)

Swamp of Monsters +Nate Lumpkin

Bum Rush the Titan Reynaldo

Daily Bestiary (like a light version of my ecology post for every monster)

Teleli by James Hutchings

Rotten Pulp

Some archive diving to your taste?
Heretic Werks
Wampus County
Hamsterish Horde

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions?

Got a new young blog you like? Post it below in the comments!


  1. Oldie but a goodie: http://valleyofbluesnails.blogspot.com/

  2. No gloomtrain?!

  3. I feel like James Hutchings is holding out on us. I bet he has drawers of good ideas that he should post.

  4. Many thanks for the shout-out. It means a lot. Your blog and Zak's are a couple of my biggest OSR inspirations.


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