On a Fall Sale


This book I wrote, On the Non-Player Character

It doesn't really go on sale.

But today, Lulu is letting their fall sale code (FALLSALE40) for 40% off work for all orders.

So I put the book on sale for 10% off.

That's half price.

Also, if you buy the print version between now and when the code ends, and e-mail me the receipt, I'll send you a copy of the .pdf for free!

Buy the print version for half price, and get the .pdf for free!

If you want it, now's the time. I can't remember the last time Lulu gave 40% off. Originally this was only for things you, yourself published, so I'm not certain we'll have a code this good again for a long, long time.

On the fence? Check out personality traits or physical traits from the book! Look at the free downloadable content! Read essays written about using non-player characters! Discover the hidden social combat system that's always been a core part of Dungeons & Dragons!

Buy the book On the Non-Player Character at the best price you'll ever see available in print from Lulu, and in .pdf from Lulu and RPGnow.


  1. I already have the PDF, I took this opportunity to pick up a print copy! Excellent deal on a fabulous volume!

  2. Just purchased it at full discount, thanks. Where do I forward the receipt email?

    Danny Cline

  3. Tried a couple of different email addresses. Hopefully one works. Anyway, really looking forward to this book. I've heard great things.


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