On a Wildspace Deluge

Greedy Dwarves
That is an asteroid
Dungeon In Space

Neogi are fantastic villains. Everything about them makes them terrific villains. They aren't demonic, doing evil for the sake of evil. They just recognize that everything owns and is owned, and happen to be disgusting. Hungry? They will eat a piece off a slave. They excrete wherever they stand. They are tiny, physically inferior to all other creatures, but use large slaves to punish others, making them fun to hate! And what can you do about them? They have no homeworld, no organized navy, no organization at all. They are like cockroaches, impossible to eliminate.

This Battle Dolphin with a detachable saucer upper deck
In no way resembles a ship in which you might trek
across the stars. See, the front is on the wrong side!

Self important Giff is self-important
Some of the images from Spelljammer are striking. A sun that is a column in the center of a crystal sphere. Statues of lost gods holding up stars. Giant glowing words on the shell of a crystal sphere that when recited are powerful spells. Many of the paintings and art is. . . not.

Late Era 2nd edition consistency at its best!
Somehow I do not think this is a 60 ton ship!

I am not really a fan of "The Spelljammer", especially the way they handled the legendary ship. However, the image of a ship large enough to blot out a sun, a mobile force of nature, there's something to build a campaign around there I think. . .

You have to be fair, if you watched Battlestar Galactica, was there anything that could have been inside a Cylon Battlestar that would have met your expectations? Oh, speaking of Battlestars, the elves have their own, don't you know.

That skull is filled with Illithids performing experiments on Beholders to increase their cranial capacity.
For dinner. Not science.

They reused and under-produced an awful lot of spelljammer art, which I think is a key reason for the lack of its success. Jennell Jaquays could have been the key artist and I think it would have gone much better. . .

I was always fond of techniques you can use against the players. Launching zombies as catapult fodder onto their ships, having "drop pods" as modified life boats carry enemy marines to the players ships, and catapults filled with not just rocks but acid or fire. . .

Brom did do Spelljammer art. Can you imagine what it would have been like if he had painted
the whole line of products?


  1. Some cool pictures and ideas!

  2. "Somehow I do not think this is a 60 ton ship!" - That is probably because this picture is a flitter, a 1 ton ship with a crew of one or two elves. :-)

    1. It looks an awful lot like the man-o-war to me. . . I wasn't aware that was the design of the flitter, also.

    2. There weren't many closeups of the flitter. In-fact, the image above is the only one that I know of.

      Some beautiful inkwork. And the image itself brings across just how scary it would be to fly an open-deck spelljammer of this size.


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