On the Top 30 Quest Rewards

Culled from a thread posted by Natalie Bennett on Google Plus

1. Gold
2. Cattle/Livestock/Trained Animals
3. Deed to land
4. Magic Items/Relics
5. Men
    A) Slaves
    B) Soldiers
    C) Hirelings
    D) Expert Aid
6. Information
7. Maps
8. Keys
9. Loyalty/Lying for them
10. Spells
11. Material components or Rare ingredients
12. An antidote (possibly to the poison they gave)
13. A pardon (for the murder they were framed for)
14. Gratitude
15. Transportation
16. Accompaniment
17. Room and Board
18. Accolades
19. Titles
20. Healing
21. Equipment
22. Introductions to secret organizations
23. Religious absolution
24. Patronage
25. Food
26. New Identities
27. Training
28. Fame/Nobility
29. Someones hand in marriage
30. Freedom


  1. I rank some of those "higher" up that list and some I don't use at all.


  2. "You will be rewarded with a cow and a wife!"

  3. Since number five is "Men" I assume "Accompaniment" means someone following you with an instrument, scoring your life.

    Which is awesome.


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