On the Sublimity of Hackmaster 4th Edition: Hacklopedia of Beasts

What's with Hackmaster?

 "The whole thing is very hermetic from the outside." - Zak Sabbath

I'm going to talk later. For right now, I'm going to show.

Seven Adventurers and a Hireling Fight a bulette and the Dwarf gets eaten

Six adventures and a Hireling fight a Dragon and the Elf dies

Five adventurers and a Hireling fight a Violent Fungi and the Half-Orc Fighter bites it

Four Adventurers and a Hireling fight kobolds, while their Halfling Thief dies

Three adventurers and a hireling watch their cleric get killed by a Mummy

Two adventurers and a Hireling have their Wizard eaten by rats

The Hireling flees as the last fighter is killed

All his companions raised from the dead, they chase him and he escapes!



  1. My favorite thing about a Hackmaster monster entry is listing of the value and uses of its various body parts.

  2. I love my Hacklopedias, especially the Monster Matrix. I've used the tables for variants in other systems to throw in some weirdness. What are your thoughts on the Field Manual - I see that you didn't list it.

    1. I don't own it, and the cover is a pastiche of the 1st edition Monster Manual and not relevant to the series above.

    2. Now I feel like a doofus because I didn't understand how awesome this post was or, for that matter, how awesome the HoB covers were before you pointed it out. :)


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