On the Iconic Characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Aleena


You couldn't save her.

That was a hell of a thing for an introductory set to do.

She was based off Mentzer's girlfriend and a drawing by Elmore, made more alluring by the fact that she was well covered.

To your right, sitting by the cave wall, is a beautiful woman, wearing armor like yours. She has no sword, but has a rod with a metal ball on one end; this is a weapon called a mace. A lit lantern is on the floor next to her. She seems to be meditating or praying.
You decide she might not wish to be disturbed. But as you try to quietly tiptoe past, she looks up and says:
“Greetings, friend! Looking for the goblin? You might - Oh! You are hurt! May I help?” She watches you carefully, in case you are dangerous, but seems to
want to help.
You apologize for disturbing her, but you wonder what she knows about the goblin, and - most of all - how she could help you. But wait; she might be an enemy. Keeping your sword ready, you move closer. She stands, and says:
“My name is Aleena. I’m a cleric, an adventurer like yourself. I live in the town nearby, and came here seeking monsters and treasure. Do you know about clerics?”
You are in a new fantastic realm of fantasy and a beautiful woman is your guide. She explains about the world, giving you knowledge and information to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Later, you confront the magic-user Bargle in his lair. You attack his goblin servant while Aleena searchs for him.
The robed magic-user is moving his hands and saying works you don’t understand - and suddenly he disappears! The goblin crackles with glee, and says “Ah, master, it worked! Nobody can see you now, and what a surprise those nasty people will have. And I’m next! Make me invisible too, master!” 
Aleena can’t find Bargle, and is starting to look worried. Suddenly, the sound of a spell comes from a far corner of the room! The cleric turns and runs in that direction, waving her mace and shouting. the black-robed magic-user appears in the same corner as the spell noise, with a glowing arrow floating in the air beside him. He points at Aleena; the arrow shoots out, and hits her! She wails and falls with a sigh, collapsing in the middle of the room. The glowing arrow disappears.
Either way she dies.

You carry her body back to town unable to save her. Of course she doesn't stay dead.  You leave her with the priests for burial, but Aleena is the niece of Baron Sherlane, leader of Threshold, a Karamekikan town (Gazetteer 1). It is likely in this case, one of the priests decided to check who she was based on the rumor that she might be around investigating Bargle and Decided to have her raised.

Official Materials indicate several different facts. First, that she has a twin sister Anielle. Second that her, or perhaps her sister is married to Dmitri Yurevich in AC 1010-11, and Third that she (or again, possibly her sister) is in a secret relationship with a nearby druid. It's also of note that apparently the Bargle she faces in the Basic adventure is a different Bargle to the one causing the trouble mentioned in the Gazetteer 1.

Here are her stats for Aleena Halaran, high level c eric. In her early carrer she likely is about 3rd level, having cast 2 spells in the basic book.
Basic (From Gaz 1)
3rd Edition (Also, Pathfinder)
4th Edition

The important thing about the Aleena story, is that it's true. Sometimes people die, especially in Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes they die even when we really, really, don't want them to.

Of course sometimes they come back and have poor continuity errors that have them married and involved in relationships with nearby forest hippies. Sometimes that happens too.

Also, some more images and homages of her:
Elmore - Sketch Titled Aleena

Aleena from Ravenchilde
Peter Bradley

This explains this image

More by Ravenchilde (Peter Bradly)

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  1. Excellent! I saved a couple of the pictures. LOL

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  2. Aleena, she of the skin tight chainmail pants...

  3. P.S. I found what I think is an Elmore update of Aleena:


    1. Her hair is awfully dark to be Aleena.

    2. True but it occurred to me you could attribute the darker hair to artistic license. The pose is very similar, and she has a mace and just looks like a cleric...

  4. not ashamed to admit, Anthony, that there was a time in my life when I spent way too long looking at that picture of her on the floor. Well, part of that picture....


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