On the Crew Member

Spelljammer week is too damn awesome for you! It sets up and doesn't leave, and you're like, "I'm ok with that, because this has been awesome! Oh, heck, you went and got beer and put it in my fridge too! Sweet!"

You're hiring a crew! Who the hell are they!?


2.)             Rare (Pirate of Gith, Vodoni, Hurwaeti, Tinkerer Gnome etc.)
3.)             Hadozee
4.)    (2)     Xixchil
5.)    (3)     Grommam
6.)    (4)     Demi-human: Other (Tertiary Race in Sphere)
7.)    (5)     Demi-human: Dwarf (Secondary Race in Sphere)
8.)    (6)     Human (Primary Race in sphere)
9.)    (7)     Human (Primary Race in sphere)
10.)  (8)     Human (Primary Race in sphere)
11.)  (9)     Demi-human: Elf (Secondary Race in Sphere)
12.)  (10)   Giff
13.)  (11)   Lizard-man
14.)  (12)   Dracon
15.)  Scro
16.)  Unique (Illithid, Beholder, Neogi, etc.)

Feel free to adjust the table for the relative frequency of races in the crystal sphere!

This gives 35% of the crew being the primary race, 20% being the secondary race, and 8% being a minor race, making up 63% of the crew, giving over 33% to other common space-faring races. For a more common crew, consider rolling on the secondary 2d6 table.

How skilled are they? (2d4)

2.)  100% Green
3.)  75% Green 25% Average
4.)  50% Green 50% Average
5.)  25% Green 50% Average 25% Trained
6.)  25% Green 75% Average
7.)  100% Average
8.)  75% Average 25% Trained
9.)  25% Average 50% Trained 25% Green
10.) 50% Average 50% Trained
11.) 25% Average 75% Trained
12.) 100 % Trained

Crew Members can be hired for a variety of jobs:

  • Deckhands/Riggers: Provide maneuverability for the ship
  • Flagmen: People skilled to communicate with other ships using flags
  • Cooks: Mmmmm. Food
  • Artillerist, Heavy/Siege Weapon Specialist (Master Gunner): Operate and direct the firing of weapons. The master Gunner oversees all weapon fire on the ship.
  • Gunner/Powder Monkey: Weapon crew and expendable youth
  • Officer (Captain, First mate/Quartermaster, Bosun, Sailing Master/Astronavigators): These are listed in order of rank. The Captain is in charge of the ship. The First Mate tracks supplies and information for the captain. The Bosun is in charge of the integrity of the ship. The Sailing Master is in charge of the navigation and sailing of the ship, and is responsible for maps and instruments. 
  • Carpenter: Ship repairs
  • Musicians: Necessary for the long nights and boredom during travel
  • Buccaneers/Strikers: These are local specialists, serving as guides and aides to survival.
I use my book "On the Non-Player Character" to describe the individual hired and determine their personality.


  1. I don't know if a week is enough! Maybe we need a National Spelljammer Awareness Month, to bring attention to how awesome Spelljammer is.


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