On the Creative Crystal Sphere

Playing Spelljammer? Searching for some Unique ideas for Crystal Spheres and planets?

  • A world made of a translucent golden substance with the remnants of an entire insect civilization inside
  • A planet identical to Oreth, down to the political situation and rulers, shopkeepers and prominent figures, except the dominate race is thri-kreen. Bigby the Archbug
  • Rildar, A world with an undead pseudo-babylonian empire seeks to eliminate the last vestiges of life and greenery found in a hidden mountain valley defended by pagan barbarians. Their skeletal armies and gargantuan demon-gods chained to rolling ziggurats are commanded by the spiderlace priestesses
  • A sphere containing a lone deity, the sole victor of a god war. It sits alone, pensively and internally debating the idea of recreating life on the currently bare planet
  • Palais, vice planet.  It's single round continent is covered in vivid red visitation contrasts with its planet wide green ocean, giving it the appearance of a cocktail olive from space. The ocean is the source of the powerful soporifics and spirits that are distilled on Palais. Paloma Blanca, the capital, is home to an unending debauched festival for the benefit of dissipated hedonists, scheming diabolists and decadent fae creatures. Palais's gleaming spires, thriving hospitality industry and interstellar narcotics trafficking is supported by the white fist, it's army of alabaster constructs, each a uncannily positive face on a flawless, sculpted, humanoid physique. 
  • A sphere filled with crystal sphere eggs, dominated by Nuhurrinu the Crystal Dragon, a force older than the universe. She slumbers nearly endlessly, which is why it is possible to escape with your life. All creatures tend the sphere eggs until it is time to take them out in the gossamer jammers and sow them afar. . .
  • The sphere is thick with tumbling asteroids, what terrible cause created such a place? What wealth is to be found on the endless asteroids?
  • A gas giant is filled with gentle gliding winged creatures that generate energy not by eating, but from differential currents created by their hundred foot wings. 
  • A sphere or planet filled with turning, whirling, wheels, springs, cogs, widgets, sprockets, pistons, and mechanisms, filled with inhabitants that are the information stream the machine processes. The players intrusion and the data anomalies it represents may destroy thousands of the sentient entities living in the slow-time mechanical simulation of reality that is the sphere.
  • A sphere where all entrances lead to the interior of a world eating giant, filled with refugees lead by a tinker gnome, salvaging resources from remnants of worlds, intent on creating a giant crabjammer to burst through the chest of the giant in a celestial orgy of creative destruction
  • A planet spins, for all the world resembling a colossal apple. Perhaps an equally colossal worm lurks under the surface
  • A perfect polygonal world, an early attempt by the gods at worldbuilding. Each face different and it is difficult and nauseating to cross from face to face, each side being starkly different to all nearby sides. The inhabitants of each side are all recognizable, but each appears unfinished in some subtle but conspicuous way.
  • A ball of molten rock, sporting a ring of pure water. The surface is uninhabitable, but the creatures who live in the ring fear nothing but space whales and geysers of lava from the molten planet. A trading city by dwavens of some measure (mechanical, or perhaps Azer) has been constructed on a large cooled free floating chunk of lava
  • A world where all begins anew every 300 days. A human lives for 3, emerging fully grown from their eggs and learning at an incredible rate. But the god-earth inhales in just under a year, and all creation is ended. When he breathes out, all begins anew again. 
  • The Gemball is a teal and purple monstrosity of alexandrite that orbits a red giant. It is a voidworld and is covered in craters and rugged canyons. Denizens of the plane of earth find the stone intoxicating and often consume it to their deaths, and poisonous life clings to the lower sheltered walls beneath the surface. The planet is also the base of a gang of harpy pirates, located near the shattered arches
  • The tiny moon known as the Dust Sphere was once the center of Agriculture for a forgotton Gith Empire. Their rush to exploit it triggered an ecological nightmare. The topsoil was blown into black clouds that crackled and shed blue lightning. Everyone died and the clouds grew to three times the size of the moon. Recently certain profane necromantic cults have build pearl pyramids amid the upper reaches, disturbing the vengeful djinn within the clouds.
  • The Jungle world of Goro is toxic and deadly to all normal life, but it is orbited by the thousand bronze pleasure palaces of Suulo the Efreet. Some are thousand room affairs, and others are little more than a platform with a gazebo and fire garden. 
  • A planet that is a honeycomb made of stone, filled with giant space bees. The whole sphere it resides in is self aware and the honeycomb and bees are its brain
  • The most vicious criminal empire in the sphere is a group of creatures of elemental fire. Long ago imprisoned in a water prison planet, they escaped by extracting the core of the planet, banishing the water down under a torrent of magma and fire. Now they reshape their paradise of dryness to their pleasure, excepting the rare storms that cause them to take shelter. Their bounty hunters and agents are terrifying elemental stone hybrid monsters that hunt the space ways.
  • The crystal shell was cracked and abandoned long ago, and the void leaks in. Voidcasters gather necromantic energy from the emptiness between the crystals. Their slaves endlessly work to seal the sphere, often becoming sucked and trapped against its surface, covered in a miles-long runs of blended slave meat, animated by congress with the void. Those slaves that have escaped rebel, and have a plan to strip the death-meat and use it against their former masters
  • Crystal men nurture crystal gardens, farms, and orchards, the vibrational power healing all meat-creatures laced with energy. The independent pacifist sphere remains so by allowing warlords to heal their armies here, by launching a crystal spire against the shell. The secret being that the vibrations heal emotional as well as physical wounds, and once violent warlords now defend the sphere with their life, against an evil, invading, insectile force.
  • The sphere of the Mirromancers has been found, their greatest magic allowing entire fleets and worlds to move via the reflections inside spheres. They were destroyed by the gods themselves, but now their world has been found and the interstellar race to decipher their work has begun. Why would the gods oppose such a magic? Does it threaten them? Are we thinking too small?
  • The only artificial sphere known is said to be a myth. It can travel along ley lines, along both time and space; the entire sphere is a mechanism with a city in the center. It used to sell timeships, and whoever figured out how the sphere constructed them could do so again. Someone used all the ships ever produced and filled the sphere with creatures of violence and malice of all types, all at once. Now it is a ghost sphere travelling randomly, and it was just seen nearby.
  • The planet has a golden insect with gossamer wings. When dried, they are the perfect material for a spellbook page and currently the rage of fashion. This has become so intense that travel to the planet has been blocked as a conference rages over who will manage and who can harvest and profit from the situation. The standard rogues gallery has been attracted by the combination of money and risk, causing a great deal of tension as they all orbit the planet
  • The empire's name is lost to time, but the memory of their ability to destroy crystal spheres is not. 18 were vanquished before they were stopped. Now someone claiming to be their last son has arisen and crushed one sphere.
  • The paradise sphere was colonized, but turned out too good to be true. It was a garden alright, and the void giants who owned it were quite unhappy to awaken and find it filled with pests. They have now begun their campaign to extinguish the humans, much as humans exterminate mice, using surprise, poison, machines, whatever - so long as they leave.
  • The planet is painted black, with a miniature sun burning at its heart. The lowest areas are filled with the most light, homes are lit from beneath. Above is all darkness. 
  • Long forgotten to the inhabitants, the planet is a weapons cache. If the peaceful innocent grey skinned people are exposed to the void, they undergo a monstrous transformation. A few can wipe otu a whole fleet, they can crack crystal spheres with their strength, they could become a plague and corrupt the ether. They have no memory of this, but there are those that do. . .
  • A disgraced emperor escaped judgement with his empire's wealth. He bought immortality and a sphere and filled it with art. Haunted and paranoid, he filled it with constructs and locked it as best he could. All his time is spent in the pleasure palace and the bored constructs eventually forgot him, forming a society based on the wondrous art they see. They are all controlled via the throne he had exquisitely sculpted for that purpose, when the king of the constructs discovered this and that the throne still exists, he knew the emperor must be slain and the throne destroyed if they were ever to be safe and free. 
    • Another construct has a different idea. Perhaps the throne could be used by a construct, to control meat for a change. Moved and installed into a new sphere, it could raise a devastating invasion force. 
  • In a time before time, two gods warred, and one lost his head struck from his shoulders, drifting now through infinity. It has gathered dirt and muck, and life has begun upon it. But the head is not so buried that it's shape is not obvious to those who study the geography of it.

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