On the Non-Player Character: Personality Traits

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This is a selection of 100 of the 400 personality traits from my book, "On the Non-Player Character" available in print from Lulu, and in .pdf from Lulu and RPGnow.

Personal Trait Table 1
1. Searching for a long lost twin
2. Having an affair with a married man/woman
3. Peeping tom, looking for a place to set up
4. Trying to conceive, badly wants a child
5. Was selling something illegal that is now missing
6. Low self-esteem over scars
7. Traitor of a nearby country
8. Loves his pet excessively
9. Saw parents murdered
10. Plagued by an ex
11. Actually a were-creature
12. Actually a well behaved undead
13. Suicidal, has a death wish
14. Heretical, angry at religion
15. Penitent, carries a heavy burden of irrational guilt
16. Curious about killing something
17. Physical fitness buff
18. Secretly royalty
19. Possesses strange mutation
20. Has drugs, wants to sell

Personal Trait Table 2
1. Is from something they call “the mother ship”
2. Loathes all mages, poor at hiding it
3. Vegetarian, fond of kale, tells everyone
4. Atheist, won’t shut up about it
5. Believes they are the last of their kind, clearly not
6. Dreading an arranged marriage
7. Desperate for a date
8. Just looking for a friend to spend time with
9. Married to a relative of the player characters
10. Married to an enemy of the player characters
11. Constantly trying to guess the command word of players magic items
12. Killed one or both parents, pursued by the law
13. Killed one or both parents, guilty, tries to garner sympathy by saying parents are shitty
14. Sociopath, pleasant. Secretly kills small animals
15. Good work ethic
16. Constantly praising the gods. Talks about it given any opportunity
17. Has a song in his heart
18. Roll again, believes the person they are talking to has the trait rolled
19. Deals poorly with stress
20. Defiled temple and stole holy artifact. Hunted by priests, templars, knights

Personal Trait Table 3
1. Has demonic patron
2. Kleptomaniac
3. Aggressive teetotaler
4. Has a dream. . .
5. Liar, not very good at it
6. Obsessed with being prepared
7. Pyromaniac
8. Is at one with the universe
9. Illiterate, tells everyone
10. Looking for small loan
11. Has a rich uncle, looking for him
12. Only survivor of a shipwreck that they caused. Heard rumor someone else survived
13. Illiterate, tries to cover it up
14. Nice but secretly jealous of the player’s character
15. Has severe phobia
16. Always hungry
17. Rebel at heart, despises authority
18. Has wellness anxiety (hypochondria)
19. Constantly sketching and drawing everything around him. Refuses to show it off
20. Believes he has secret magical ability

Personal Trait Table 4
1. Former gravedigger. Needing to repair shovel
2. Haunted by ghosts, or possibly schizophrenic.
3. Has several lovers in positions of power
4. Vermin control specialist, likes to talk about it
5. Recovering drug addict, today is a difficult day
6. Cursed, vomits birds, scarves fall from sleeve, first object removed from container is rabbit
7. Riddled with parasites
8. Devout missionary
9. Occasional hunger for human flesh due to a past experience with cannibalism (“longpig”)
10. Always has something pleasant to say
11. No short term memory
12. Has a piece of property in a terrible place that they want to sell badly
13. Obsessive about war, fighting, and military history
14. Ex-military, dissatisfied with civilian life
15. Has sex slave, constantly having slave do sex to them
16. Nihilist
17. Wants to save and protect vicious monsters
18. Is a ghostbuster
19. Out-of-depth, wishes he would stop running into players
20. Absent-minded, accident prone, fearless, and impulsive

Personal Trait Table 5
1. Sexually attracted to bizarre species. Asking about, seeking, questioning, etc. Playing with the idea of a relationship
2. Adventured once before. Mentions it often, refuses to elaborate
3. Actually possessed by a demon, bound to hide until his task is revealed
4. Encyclopedic lore on wands. Knows the makers, brands, effects, different makes/models
5. Actually a polymorphed simple animal, fearful of wizards due to fear of being changed back (into pig/toad, etc.)
6. Zen master, always reverses saying (“he who questions training only trains himself at asking questions”)
7. Knows how to speak the language of oozes, currently having an argument with a mold. Minimizes this
8. Possesses wild talent. Manifests for first time during this conversation
9. Currently in a relationship with relative or significant other of a player’s character
10. Wants to be a good solider, feels obsolete (due to age, infirmity, etc.)
11. Blood has secretly been replaced with another substance. Currently bleeding
12. Reputation as greatest something. Challengers constantly appear.
13. Found half a treasure map, knows where other half is. Looking for help to find ‘treasure’.
14. Law abiding citizen made nervous by any activity that might be breaking a local law or statute
15. Wants to start an orphanage, not selective about the origin of orphans
16. Has pica. Obsessed with eating a strange thing (lichen, spellbook pages)
17. Constantly creating new brilliant inventions. All are focused on the preparation of vegetables for cooking in easier and more tasty ways
18. Talks to all inanimate objects as if they were intelligent
19. Directly related to a player, or by marriage if that’s not possible
20. Desires fame and fortune of adventuring life, repulsed by hard work and danger

Like this table? Get 300 more entries and more by grabbing the book, "On the Non-Player Character" available in print from Lulu, and in .pdf from Lulu and RPGnow.

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