On the Non-Player Character handouts

There's never enough room to put in everything you want.

These had to be left out, there's indications in the final document of these tables in the 'here's how to create an non-player character' section, but the forms themselves had to be cut for space.

Why? Because it's 62 dense pages, packed full of useful information. What I have here is 3 pages of charts and game aids. 62+3 is one over the limit for the A5 center staple book option.

Luckily we have this thing called the internet! Here are forms to track NPC's and factions, individual NPC sheets and encounter sheets to track fluctuations reactions in combat.

Download the non-player character sheets from here for free!

Think these sheets look interesting? Find out how to use them by grabbing a copy of "On the Non-Player Character" available in print from Lulu, and in .pdf from Lulu and RPGnow.

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