On Lulu Codes and Discounts

Lulu is having a sale today, till the 19th.

I'm doubling down on that, and knocking 10% off the price of the book On the Non-Player Character until the sale ends. Lulu is giving a 20% discount with the code (SOCIUS)

One of my players has been gone for a week or two. When she was here on Sunday she asked to see the book. She ended up just flipping through it for half an hour, reading the table entries and talking about ideas for gaming it was giving her.

She noted, correctly, that it's useful as an 'eternal document' for pretty much any role-playing game you might play ever. And that all the non-player character descriptions and physical traits made her want use them because of how much fun they sounded to run.

And she didn't even look at the combat commentary, social combat, wandering encounter design, or encounter activity table! And I didn't have any printed off, so she didn't get to gander at the free handouts either!

Did I mention it's on sale now, until the 19th!

It's in print from Lulu, and in .pdf from Lulu and RPGnow.


  1. Damn my recurrent poverty!

    Regardless, I'll be grabbing this by next Thursday.

  2. I've already got two copies myself. I've read it cover to cover and rank it among the most important GMing aides I've ever encountered. No exaggeration.

    Buy it. Srs.


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