On the Essential Logic

From "Out at Five" by Matt Johnson
Important enough for permanent record. . .

If someone is offering to sell you the secret in how to be successful in something, look at the successful big name people in the industry. Are they selling you how to do that?


Why? Because they are successful.

If someone has the secrets in how to be successful using "neuroscience", then why aren't they using it to be successful?

Oh, for free, here are the ways that you succeed at breaking into an industry.

1. Work very hard for a long time
2. Produce unique quality work
3. Be consistent and a good communicator to maintain an audience
4. Build genuine long-term relationships with people in the industry
5. Do better at working harder and faster

And, I mean, that's really the rub of it, isn't it.

See, if you're looking at spending money on something like this, do you know what you're not doing?



  1. Probably the most important post you've ever made, brother.

    1. Truest post, yes, absolutely. Most important? Debatable, since all it does is point out an uncomfortable truth. Some people knew this already; the ones who didn't, don't want to hear it.


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