On a Grotty Muppet Aesthetic

You know it's a show, see?

But it's really a show about how a show is put on, because to watch a thing is boring. Boring compared to putting it on.

Verisimilitude is secondary to pure glee. Characters arrive in the middle of play by muppet bouncing in from the distance and announcing "I'm here!" Consequently the player spends zero time not playing while serving the ostensibly dramatic "needs" of the story.

The story doesn't have needs - the players do.

Magic? Technology? There's no dividing line. There is just simply a realm of things that are not understood, that do things.

Brutal Beast of
How is the mechanism by which things are accomplished? The only thing you know is whoever created it is long dead and gone. Why does it still work? Because it does.

But in this mystic obfuscation, danger lurks. That creature will likely talk to you -- maybe. Perhaps today it is hungry. For you are small, and unimportant, and taste exceedingly good raw.

The Alchemist
And the danger is real. You will survive being shot from a cannon, but you may never walk again. Wounds, suffering, pain, and surprising violent death are your companions. Your death will be as amusing to your companions as your antics were while you were alive.

After all, there's always another muppet.

But that isn't the real danger. What you are doing is deadly and serious. Sadly, the most powerful delver is a prophet, beset by madness, so weak and crazy (Str 3, Wis 4) that he believes he is the master of the dungeon from his throne atop a pile of trash. (Played by John Bell). The people you would hire, depend on, and likewise ensure your survival are incompetent. There was no job interview. There were no qualifications. They were standing near the lighting rig, so the lighting rig is what they control.There is no one competent to take on the task.

They have no qualms about sending people to their doom.

And like a half forgotten memory from childhood, much is forgotten. And those that remember, have no qualms about turning it to their own ends.

Darkness is not gone, and it stands against any light or goodness.

But at least that, that is defeatable.

Strangeness is in the depths. Weird cultures. Bizarre creatures. Willing to talk and trade and bargain. And perhaps hunt you down, should you prove treacherous.

What is really frightening are the depths, where the cacogenic horrors lurk. Monsters who's means of comprehending the world are alien to that of all right thinking creatures.

Numenhalla Obsidian Portal

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  1. So grotty muppet aesthetic = environment inhabited by dirty puppet monsters who appear insane?

    1. Well, they aren't puppets.

    2. Aren't they? Are you not the Jim Henson of Numenhalla? And the players would be the celebrity guests?

  2. It is entertaining to swap the letters so Metallica's "Master of Puppets" becomes "Pastor of Muppets."


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