On Flight

Disengaging from an encounter or fight

Two options are available. The first is a defensive withdrawal, and the second is fleeing. If characters make a defensive withdrawal they give up 1/2 their movement and may leave combat safely. If there is no one available to stop the pursuit of the monsters, then they will advance and strike using their full attack routine. Fleeing melee combat grants your opponent a complete attack routine against your rear and begins fleeing an encounter. You start the next round at your movement rate distance from the monster.

Misdirection (Darkness, Fog Cloud, etc.) will prevent melee opponents from making their attack in response to flight.

Fleeing an encounter

Monsters and humanoids with reaction roll results of 2-9 will generally pursue any target that flees, the exception being monsters weaker than the party. Once in pursuit, monsters will continue to pursue as long as they still hold out hope of catching the pursued party.

Hope tends to diminish if the party is far away and in sight at the end of the round, or if out of sight and somewhat distant, or if pursuit has continued for a turn (10 rounds) or longer. Far away is approximately double the monsters movement rate, somewhat distant is about equal to the monsters movement rate.


Dropping food for unintelligent monsters or treasure for intelligent opponents will give a 1-3 on a d6 (50%) chance of ending pursuit. Creating a hazard will end pursuit on a 1-4 on a d6 (66%), unless the hazard is impassable for the creature, in which case pursuit is automatically ended. Hiding in a room behind a door that is spiked shut gives a 1-4 on a d6 (66%) to stop pursuit per round. The monster will attempt to bash open the door until then with the same 1-2 on a d6 chance as characters have. Caltrops cause monsters who fail a save vs Paralyzation to reduce their speed by 1/2. Looking around, asking questions, and taking actions reduce your speed by half during the round.


While fleeing all traps are triggered if crossed (i.e. no 2 in 6 chance) and directions given consist of left, right, and ahead choices. If the answer is not given in a timely manner, the direction is decided randomly OR the monsters catch the party, players choice. No mapping or referencing a map may occur.

(From "On the Non-Player Character: Avoiding the Social Trap" Forthcoming)

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