On the Top Ten Dungeon Resources

Well, you've got a dungeon. And you've got all these factions. And apparently they all live in total harmony because they don't really have anything to fight over.

That doesn't sound like an environment ripe for adventure.

The top 10 scarce dungeon resources that monsters fight over!

  1. Water: Everybody's got to drink! Except those damn vampires on level 4. And they can go to hell! Oh? Yeah, that's through level 14. Why would you want to go to hell though?
  2. Mines: What are we here for? Gold! When do we want it? Now! Who's going to get it? Kobolds! That's right! Now go enslave some kobolds!
  3. Ley lines/magical components: No, the nexus point is over there in those corridors. What? I don't care if the gnolls live there. Take care of it!
  4. Access: I'll repeat it again more slowly for you. We-Are-The-Tax-Dwarves. That will be 10 gold pieces to delve.
  5. Magic pools: What do you mean "A snake made out of water lives there now?"! 
  6. Gatehouses: Well, I guess it would be a lot safer here if we could keep people from coming in at some sort of chokepoint.
  7. Stairways: Oh, the 10 gold? It's not for using the stairway. It's for paying us to ungrease it and disarm the traps.
  8. Food: Peoples got to eat! It's a good thing you are so tasty!
  9. Slaves: Yeah, nobody is getting my slaves. I need them. For my projects.
  10. Special power/Fuel source: Arcanite stones!?! A hidden engine of ultimate power! I'm sure we don't keep anything like that around here.


  1. But how can the monsters fight over these if they never leave their 10'x10' rooms?

    Hmmm... Do wandering monsters need to roll for wandering monsters?

    1. Yes.

      Occasionally, there will be a few cases where a random encounter table includes two monster factions fighting each other.

      Otherwise, its mostly there to allow player characters who can speak Goblin to get various missions from the goblins in exchange for things like info or admittance through a highly patrolled area of the dungeon, etc. The players can also play the monster factions against one another. The ripple effects of this are open to interpretation, but probably include the monsters slowly becoming more and more united and escalated against the ever-increasing challenge rating of these douchehole surface dwellers who keep making a mess of things.

      The monsters probably deserve it, but the escalation will kill you. The PARTY might even be responsible for creating the campaign's "dark lord" character who unites the monsters to spell doom for the forces of good and law.

  2. Wandering Monsters equate with items 1 and 8 -- they're looking for food and water, you know . . . US! LOL

  3. I take it you've read "Rat on a Stick"?

  4. 10 gold for using the stairs?! howbout i just slaughter you and roll your carcass down to set off the traps

  5. Would air also be a resource? Perhaps air-purifying mushrooms ... another simple resource is also probably fuel: those kobolds follow monsters around to harvest their dung, so they can cook their rats ...

  6. Pool of animating water seems like a great monster generating excuse. Every day roll to see what new thing it has spawned:
    1) The fountain statue/golem
    2) Water elemental/weird
    3) Mud men
    4) Zombies (of creatures who drown there overnight)
    5) Clear oozes or jellies
    6) Air elemental (if it was windy overnight)


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