On the Top Ten Bruiser Monsters

Dick the Bruiser
So you've got a mastermind. What are the top classic enforcers?

What are the top ten brutiest brutes? Let's check it out!

[Edit: Left #10 out!]
10) Bugbears: Because when you want to drop the hammer, it's best if they don't see it coming.

9) Ogre: Maybe seems a little dull, but when you need four hit dice, bonus damage and something to make first level characters panic, the ogre is a classic for a reason.

8) Bears: Because to hell with your ranger Paul.

7) Giants: You know, an additional point of damage doesn't do it for me. How about an additional seven damage. How does that treat you?

6) Trolls: Yes, yes, pull out the flame. But still, they hit hard and keep coming.

5) Minotaurs: That first hit is a doozy. Also mazes!

Christopher Burdett
4) Men: Oh, you overlooked this one. Yes, what can a zero-level human do? not much. What can 20-200 do? Cause a lot of problems for eighth level characters.

3) Hydra: Not your classic enforcer, I know. But seriously, if you use these as guards, the PC's will think twice when your attack routines require borrowing their dice.

2) Elementals: No reason to feel bad for killing these, right?

1) Umber Hulk: You got your small brain, you got your tunneling  you got your eyes of confusion, you got your three attacks, using 2 or 3 dice of damage each. Also, no chance of any Neogi around, right?


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