On the Top 10 (11!) Mastermind Monsters

Building a dungeon and need a boss? A big boss? A MAJOR Boss? A FINAL BOSS?

What are the 10 bossiest bosses ever in Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder if that's your cup of tea)?

Here's a list of the master major malign bosses. Usable for dungeon leaders to campaign masterminds
    11) Yuan ti: Snakeman cultists, that can look like normal people and take class levels? What's not to love! Also, snakes! Also, I wasss once a maaaan.

    10) Lich: So, you want to fight the man, do you? Here's someone that plans on being the man forever. Also, immortal spellcasters that can't be killed until your find their maguffin!

    9) Demons: So, you can't really kill them, they come in a thousand different varieties, they excel at long term manipulation, their goals consist of 'new and interesting ways to dick humanity around' and they are pretty clearly not something you have to have a moral crisis about killing.

    8) Vampires: Knifestab them in their stupid sparkly faces.

    7) Rakshasta: Look at that debonair micky ficky! He's wearing a smoking jacket and smoking a pipe! Also, he's an animal-headed master of necromancy, enchantment, and illusion that is super hard to kill.

    6) Sladd: Chaos frogs from the plane of chaos, because to hell with your plans. Fight vomit made from space bugs constructed from sentient color.

    5) Beholders: YOU ARE NOT PURE. Nazi's are always fun, but levitating anti-magic nazis with disentigration rays? The most fun.

    4) Illithids: It's bad enough to think about being consumed by other beings that will just turn everything you are into excrement. But for a creature to just eat the part of you that contains your ego, and dispose of the rest? Terrifying.

    3) Avolakia: Imagine a octopus that is shaped like an worm and looks like an insect. Now imagine that it can polymorph itself. Now imagine that it's favorite thing to do is to animate undead corpses and ride around inside them. SURPRISE ZOMBIE. ACTUALLY CONTAINS DEMON WORM. 

    That's not the best part though. The best part is the fact that they have towns underground, where they have their food, dead animate corpses, serve them till they become hungry. 

    2) Aboleth: You are an unbroken line back to the beginning of life. Whereas the aboleth that is hunting you was there at the beginning of life and is only now deigning to end your line.

    And the number one evil mastermind, the big cheese,

    1) Neogi: Eel spiders with umber hulk slaves, who need you to feed all the eggs they laid in their elder. Oh, also, they're from space, so good luck with that!


    1. My only addition to this list would be dragons.

    2. Actually, many of these are product identity and can't be used in your Pathfinder game. Beware the fate of Scott Castor, who once used a displacer beast in a Pathfinder game. He was visited by the Lawyers of Doom. He is now deceased and encysted.

      Re: John - I see your dragon and raise you a dracolich!


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