On the Thursday Trick, A Thorny Corridor

A Thorny Corridor (Melee Attacks, Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: Mechanical: Latch or Switch
OR Magical: Proximity
EffectsMultiple Targets
Save: Armor ClassDuration: Instant
Resets: AutomaticBypass: None (Avoid)

Description: The player characters come to a section of the hallway that has spikes sticking up from the floor. The first time and possibly second time this is encountered it is suggested the spikes do nothing.

Then, when you are ready to spring the trap escalate it as follows:

  • Sections of the wall spring out making a melee attack against delvers, knocking them to the ground if they fail a save versus paralyzation with a minus equal to the damage dealt. The sections should be a few square feet and be at least 2 feet off the ground.
  • The ceiling can drop or swing down (or possibly just use a swing weapon of some sort, like a log or a metal bar) to knock the characters on the floor in the same way.

Characters will likely respond by climbing on the walls or ceiling, or perhaps choosing to fly.

Climbing characters can eventually be dealt with by having a break away ceiling, dropping her onto the spikes. To make that even more deadly, the spike patch can be mounted on a teeter-totter swivel hinge, spinning around till the delver is upside down. At which point they slide off the spikes and fall down into the pit on the underside of the floor. Which can also be filled with spikes. Covered in poison.

When the characters begin flying to bypass the spikes, the trigger for various attacks to push the delver into the spikes can be made magical. Casting a dispel magic on a character is also a possible option.

Detection/Disarming: Detection is simple. The hallway is filled with spikes. Both the latch trigger on the spike path can be discovered, as well as close inspection of the wall which can reveal the sections of wall that spring out.

If the ceiling is breakaway, the instability can be noted by contrast from the surrounding ceiling. Teeter-totter swivel hinges are more difficult to notice, but can be noticed by both a floor seam and possible instability in the floor.

An effective way of bypassing the trap without disarming the above triggers is to shoot a rope with an arrow down the hall, lodging it in a door or wall and then shimmying across. Adding surprise jets of flame can make this option super-entertaining.

This trap works best in sequence. Adding and changing each trap make the players not know what to expect.

Be sure to check out the index for more traps like this!

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