On the Hexbraken

In the Old School Gaming community, the games consist of two separate, yet equally important groups. The characters who investigate hexes, and the hexes they investigate. This is one of their stories.

Hex 1014

Partial Entry: A geomancer (via Bloated Blowfish) sits by the side of the road, depressed over fighting with his wife. His wife is a Naga paladin. There is a hobgoblin witch nearby that creates twig demons to disrupt their relationship.

Aldin Spiro, Male Geomancer (Cha 13) is in his early 40's. He wears formal attire and is missing his leg below the knee. His speech is sophisticated, but maudlin as he is depressed.

Although he and his wife Boadicea Luigsech are formally still married it has been some time since they have been close. He says "I wuv my leettle prickly flower. To turn her face from a frown ennto a smile, dere is nothink' better."

Boadicea Luigsech, Guardian Naga Female (Mv 50', AC 3, HD 12, D 1-6/2-8, SA Poison Spit ML 11) is an honorable brass scaled naga. She wears  immaculate clothing and jewelry. Her hair is long and voluminous, running at least the length of her body. She is of an unpleasant disposition, unruly and inexorable in her desire. Sober she has the temperament of a drunk, becoming more hostile with each drink she does not take. She is a teetotaler making her presence an exercise in piety.

As with all nagas of her type, she has a poisonous spit attack with a range of 30' She is obsessed with her crusade to destroy the Mistress of All Perils statue in 1017. She is having little success in her endeavors, so has concocted a plan to disguise herself as a knight, using a makeshift suit of armor and a horse. This disguise is not very good and can be seen through fairly easily.

She is very angry at her husband and there is littler interaction between them, though this is due to the interference of Grusha Yelizaveta and not any malfeasance on her husbands part.

Grusha Yelizaveta, Hobgoblin Witch (Int 13, Con 13) is a decrepit obese monster, plagued by the demons of boredom and ennui. She dresses elaborately, using skulls and stones and gems to create impractical outfits. Her plans are often poorly thought out and overly complex. She is a witty conversationalist and decries the fact that she is sadistic, deriving more pleasure then she feels is healthy from the suffering of others.

She can make twig blights, and has figured out how to glamour them so that they are able to take the form and voice of people residing in the psyche of the victim. She sets these out, to cause disruption and enjoys hearing the tales of woe reported back to her by the blights.

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