On the Thursday Trick, The Dividing Ladder

Dividing Ladder (Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: Mechanical: Latch or SwitchEffectsNever Miss
Multiple Targets
Save: Dexterity
Duration: Instant
Resets: AutomaticBypass: Disarm

Description: This ladder appears normal, but upon reaching a specific rung over halfway up the ladder, all the rungs separate in the middle.

Detection/Disarming: If the trap is normal, the extra heft will be noticed by anyone who carries the ladder. Any close inspection of the latter will note the segmented joins.

Variations: Other examples of ladder traps include a suspension ladder that swings down, hitting the opposite wall, forming an upside down L in the chimney. The characters, if they hold on, can then monkey climb back to the main ladder. This can be made more difficult by having the rungs slip out when pressure applied in a direction other than that which is normal by climbing.

The switch can also trigger the ladder to spring out and smash against the back wall. It may be difficult to maintain ones hold on the ladder as it slams onto the back wall. Also, the wall could be covered with spikes.

Putting a ladder in a pit and putting a second pit in front of the ladder is also entertaining for the enterprising delver slayer.

And then there are the standard ladder tricks. Oiled rungs, breakaway rungs, melee or ranged attacks behind rungs, illusionary rungs, et. al.

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