On Oozes, Slimes, Jellies, and Puddings

"They don't eat us and excrete us. They eat us, and then we become them." -Reynard Illvar, Former Templar, Patient in Ostoff Sanitorium

Nomenclature: Blob, Slime, Jelly, Pudding, Glop, Goo, Gook, Gunk, Muck, Sludge, Muk, Gloop, Gleep

Description: There are 4 main categories of blobs. Blobs refers to the entire grouping of monsters.

Oozes are fast moving blobs, moving as fast as an unarmored man. They strike with a pseudo-pod lashing out and slamming into an opponent doing damage with acid and force

Slimes are very very slow moving blobs, moving perhaps no faster than 1 foot an hour. They climb on high places and drop on unsuspecting adventurers. Their attack turns adventurers into slimes themselves.

Puddings are slow blobs that move along ceilings, walls, and floors. They attack by slamming acidic pseudopods against their opponents and engulfing prey. Certain attack methods and energy type can cause puddings to split. Puddings often have uneven opaque bubbly surfaces

Jellies are sluggish blobs that move along floors. They attack by slamming acidic pseudopods against their opponents and engulfing prey. Certain attack methods and energy type can cause some puddings to split. They often have smooth translucent surfaces.

Things that are known:

  • Blobs are mindless
  • They have no fixed form
  • Immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, polymorph and stunning
  • They deal acid damage
  • Blind, making them immune to gaze attacks, visual effects, and illusions
  • Immune to any sort of critical

Beautiful Grey Ooze from Scrap Princess. Go buy something!
Rumors and other whispers in the dark:

  • Blobs are actual the larval stage of shapechangers like mimics and doppelgangers
  • That isn't true. Mimics and doppelgangers are actually the larval stage of blobs
  • Every life form has bones of a different substances. Elves have hollow bones made from the strongest wood. Dwarven bones are made of stone, the bones of Gnomes made of gemstone. Blobs are viewed as an abomination because they have no bones
  • Black puddings will always attack the magic-users first. They also have an annoying tendency to say "It's the black pudding!"
They are sentient, but not alone. Each is one cell inside a gigantic brain, seeking to convert enough of the world to think once again
They are cells, but not as we think. They are the white blood cells, the immune system of the universe, struggling to clear the plague of disease that exists on the surface

While slimes are more effective, Jellies, Puddings and Oozes engulf their victims and slowly digest them

They are not intelligent, lacking a brain, but they are highly skilled at seeking out the optimal routes to secure prey
Christopher Burdett
  • All blobs have the ability to fit through any opening merely inches wide, sometimes even through doors or tiny cracks. Some blobs have specialized attacking from these hidden positions
  • Their fluid state makes them difficult to hurt
  • Blobs are actually complicated plants and they move just as plants do, only much much faster. They are not intelligent  just hungry and able to react to stimulus
  • Alchemists and tinkerers love to use killed blobs to engrave fine detail work into items
  • Blobs are actually a biproduct of culinary warfare. Blood pudding, haggis, mustard jelly and other foods were adulterated with trolls blood, and then animated for a unique taste sensation; sadly this caused them to combine and become mobile. Immediately after they engulfed the cooks. They were then hacked apart and now there are the many different types of blobs that roam the world
  • Jermelaine, giant rants and slugs all survive by excreting substances that repel blobs from their lair
  • The above is actually false, and the small creatures that live in a blobs habitat are actually the spawn of the blob
  • They are colonies of cells
  • Blobs are invaders from an outer universe or plane. Coming to the prime material causes them to lose their natural form
  • Blobs are a physical manifestation of the primal hunger, a starving extra-dimensional entity, has thrust itself into this world, seeking satiation. It is this reason when one is distressed by fire or pain, they all appear to suffer, across the universe whole
  • Blobs are actually the manifestation and end result of seed spilled, disposed of. For eggs are not the only thing the sperm of man can use to create life
  • Blobs were an attempt to create synthetic hydra blood. They are not acidic, but instead secrete an enzyme which causes organic material to pull apart from itself, as a priming mechanism for the hydra during regeneration. Humanoids however suffer, as their flesh is sundered apart
  • Blobs are the result of an alchemical reagent that acts or reacts with a base material 
  • Water, air, the medium is immaterial. Some say that they move more slowly underwater. The immunity to fire (which burns poorly under the waves) is a great boon to some oozes.
  • They are preternaturally silent
  • Some reproduce asexually by budding
  • They flow towards the nearest food source, regardless of its size
  • They are nothing more then the excrement of Zuggtmoy

"My concept was that both [grey oozes and gelatinous cubes] were accidental creations of careless wizard alchemists that dumped various failed magical and alchemical experiments down the drain or into some cess pit. These admixtures affected single-celled life forms, thus eventually engendering the various jellies (and a gelatinous cube is one of those), oozes, puddings. The slimes were generated in similar fashion, the waste affecting normal slime."Gary Gygax (1938–2008), October 1, 2006, EN World Q&A XII

All blobs have immunity to acid. All blobs are mindless. Those immune to weapons will be affected by magic weapons. Magic weapons will not prevent splitting from occurring. Those that dissolve metal or wood force weapons to save when striking the ooze. Magic weapons add their bonus to the save.

The list below is everything you need to run any of these. Pick an armor class, damage values, size and various other factors according to your needs. These are, after all, mutable blobs of matter.

color immunities description
Rivolta Stool Electricity Created from Excrement
Translucent Slime Weapons Difficult to see, composed of acid. Dissolves weapons
Jale Slime ???? ????
Polymorphic Slime None Appears as crude creatures or objects. When touched or struck, spasms out, engulfing target.
Olive Slime Weapons Creates zombies as slaves, Charms targets
Green Slime Weapons Spells Turns into green slime in 1-4 rounds. Can be scraped, amputated, frozen or burned.
Violet Slime Acid, Cold Harmless in water, Acid burns after leaving water
Black Slime Cold Aquatic green slime. Flammable. 
Corpse Slime None Drains life energy. Undead, turned as a 4HD creature.
Gray Slime Light, Sunlight Causes acid damage when exposed to light
Shadow Slime Cold Hard to spot. Freezing damage. Can only be scraped off on the first round.
Blood Slime All but holy water or symbol Dissolves flesh, leather and cloth. Cannot be scraped away. Kills in 1-3 rounds.
color immunities description
Frosted Slush melee Chill aura, freezes flesh, affected by cold
Ebon Ooze None Weak version of black ooze. Made from tar. Weapons get stuck, targets get stuck
Pyroclastic Flow Fire, Melee Made from lava, melts weapons, heat aura
Arcane Ooze Magic Steals spells (and uses them) against nearby casters
Dolm Ooze ??? ????
Crimson Ooze Blunt Urban, Draws Blood from target
Amber Ooze Fire Multiple Attacks, Edible, Can infuse into target, sapping its will.
White Ooze Weapons Rubbery, can curl into ball and bounce attack. Improves AC by 5, hits 2 targets in room at random. Weapons bounce off
Flaming Ooze Fire Ranged fire gout attack, If extinguished dies instantly.
Prismatic Ooze Acid only Hypnotizes opponents, Coordinates other oozes
Gray Ooze Magic, Fire, Cold Dissolves metal, including weapons. Psionic
Crystal Ooze Cold, Fire Dissolves wood. Paralyzes, Weapons do only 1 point of damage, 75% undetectable in water
Choleric Ooze Acid only Melts clothing and armor. Sticks in globules after attack. Use electricity or spend full round to move freely
Sanguine Ooze FireCauses euphoria, laughter staggers target. Sticks in globules after attack. Use cold or spend full round to move freely
Phlegmatic Ooze Cold Causes madness, confuses target. Sticks in globules after attack, use fire or spend full round to move freely
Melancholic Ooze Electricity Paralyzes targets. Sticks in globules after attack, use acid or spend full round to move freely
Slime Mold Fire Spreads disease, engulfs targets, appears to be inanimate mold, and gains a bonus to surprise
Undead Ooze Cold Expels skeletons from its body
Mercury Ooze None Causes mercury poisoning
Ice Ooze Cold, Blunt Weapons Cold damage when struck, Freezes opponents. Difficult to spot.
Entropic Ooze Negative energy  Devours souls, Energy drain.
Emerald Ooze None Dissolves metal and flesh. Turns opponents into emerald oozes
Air Ooze Electricity Transparent. Can discharge electric burst. 
Toxic Ooze Acid Sticky, Releases Toxic Fume aura that causes loss of health and sickness
Shadow Ooze None Strength drain. Grabs opponent.
Bloodfire Ooze Electricity, Fire Heat aura damages anyone who strikes the ooze. Can create flame burst. Fire spells near ooze are increased in power.
Conflagration OozeFireAny contact infuses blood with fire. Can confuse, sleep or hold opponents.
Necromantic Sludge Turns Spells Turns targets into zombies by seeping into victims skin and animating corpse.
Nightseed Ooze None Atomized absorbed organic targets, granting hit points to the Nightseed along with access to spells and psionic powers. Vulnerable to sunlight.
Obsidian Ooze Fire, Piercing and Slashing weapons Molten core. Covered in sharp spines. 
Pearl Ooze Cold, Electricity, Healed by force effects Grants a bonus to victims AC after victims are struck for 24 hours, but drains a level if a save is failed
Sand Ooze Fire Petrifies opponents. Looks like sandstone. More effective fighter with a greater number of sand oozes.
color immunities split description
Alluvial Bog Fire Piercing, Slashing, Electricity  Animated soil, earth, and dirt. Enveloping attack
Crimson Pudding Fire, Melee Cold Pudding made from blood and flesh
Rice Pudding, Horrid Pierce, Slash, Fire Blunt weapons Can nauseate, has weakening aura (vapors), and can entangle opponents
Dolm Pudding ??? ??? ???
Silver Pudding Weapons Cold Toxic, turns into solid silver (75%) or platinum (25%) upon death
Verdurous Pudding Blunt, Piercing Electricity Plant matter, looks like spinach tapioca. Always Huge or larger, intelligent, not necessarily hostile
Ochre Jelly  None Electricity Actually a pudding
Black Pudding Cold Electricity Dissolves metal
White Pudding Cold Electricity Dissolves organics. Cannot dissolve metal
Dun/Brown Pudding Cold Electricity Dissolves leather in 1 round, metal in twice the time as black
Stone Pudding Fire Fire Dissolves organics and stone, not metal. Petrifying touch. Slowed by Stone to Flesh
Gargantuan Pudding None Slashing, Piercing Dissolves metal and organics
Vampiric Pudding Cold, Electricity Cold, Electricity Energy Drain, Weakness to sunlight. Victims slain become zombies under its control.
Metallic Pudding Fire Weapon Attacks Similar to silver pudding, When fire is used, produces irritating acid fumes
Marble Pudding Cold Lightning and Weapon attacks Glues opponents on successful hit. Hard to see, giving a bonus on surprise.
color immunities split description
Bone Jelly Cold, Piercing Blunt, Electricity Undead jelly made from bones
Ulfire Jelly ???? ???? ????
Ultraviolet Jelly Fire, Cold Slashing, Piercing Invisible, Levitating
Golden Jelly Weapons Cold Solidifies into gold when killed
Azure Jelly Electricity Slashing Piercing Lightning Damage, 3x speed, extra attacks
Gelatinous Cube Electricty Does not split Transparent, Paralyzes, cold slows but does 1/2 damage
Mustard Jelly Weapons, Electricity at will Slowing Cloud, Force attacks (magic missile) cause it to grow. 1/2 damage from cold
Stun Jelly Electricity Only when Reproducing Paralyzes, resembles stone wall, smells of vinegar
Tar Jelly Fire Force Spells Will catch on fire (is immune to the damage), All attacks versus tar jelly become stuck in tar, giving jelly a bonus to hit
Whip Jelly None None Tough Armored Skin, Multiple attacks
Plasma Jelly Electricity, Bludgeoning, Piercing, Cold Slashing, Sonic Fires plasma rays, constricts, engulfs, magnetic pulse that pulls metal closer to the creature
Flesh Jelly None Slashing Always huge or bigger. Absorbs and engulf targets to heal self. Nauseating aura. Spreads disease.
Phase Jelly Blunt Does not split Edged weapons do half damage. Paralyzes. Stunned by electrical attacks. Can phase into stone, stone affecting spells will force them out. Multiple tentacle attacks.
Shining Jelly All magic but cold, Fire heals Lightning Spells cast cause it flash forcing a save or causing anyone viewing it to go blind
Earth Jelly Normal Weapons, Cold Heals Fire Saps hit points from target permanently. Dissolves metal and flesh. Hard to detect against stone.
Air Jelly Cold heals Force and Electricity Saps Wisdom on a failed save.
Dark Jelly None Cold, Physical attacks, and Electricity Blessed attacks work normally, not causing the jelly to split. Drains constitution.
Fire Jelly Piercing Fire Sets materials on fire. Melts metal objects. Double damage from cold. Half damage from bludgeoning attacks.
Water Jelly Bludgeoning Piercing Electricity Hard to see in water. Double damage from fire.
Thanks to the Dungeon Dozen, and a Hamsterish Hoard in addition to my regular contributors to this series.


  1. I would add that jellies are more watery and flat, moving by pseudopod, while puddings are more cohesive and rounded, moving by continuous traction.

    Also, I want each of your tables to be a d20 so I can roll up the columns separately ...

  2. Very nice. Quite an endeavor. Thanks for taking the time to put that together and for sharing it with the rest of us. Excellent work!

  3. Now we need a table for Spores and Molds....

  4. Thanks, this is really fantastic.

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