On Early Tropes, A Comic Adventure part III

The above appear to be the work of Jeff Dee.

And a final 2 unfinished parts:
The series of advertisements was canceled due to a perceived lack of interest and the fact that they didn't stand out enough in the comic books.


  1. Nice, I don't think I'd ever seen the last two...
    BTW, all of these are Bill Willingham, not Jeff Dee...

    1. If you look at the art and compare, it seems like they are something Dee actually drew.

  2. I remember only the first --- must have stopped reading Marvel during this sequence.

  3. "...fits like it was made for me!" Dude, I'm sure that thing was made for whoever would dare to put it on. There can't be too many people like you.

  4. I remember at least the first part of the second series, unless they used the first panel artwork (halfling leading the lady) somewhere else.

    And I do remember that first series. I wasn't a big comics guy--Boys Life, maybe?

  5. Does anybody else see the werewolf scrotum? (First page, fourth panel.)


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