On the Monster Species

So who ever fought a medusa in Dungeons and Dragons?

You know that Google/Chrome flags that as misspelled.

Do you know what the correct spelling is?

Medusa. Because it's a proper noun.

So this is core to the idea of Dungeons and Dragons. A world of monsters, inspired by unique creatures in our own mythologies. I'm not the first one to think of this. Nor the second.

Here are some ideas for individuals that are ripe to be turned into playable monsters:

Krugers: Have knives for hands and haunt players in their dreams
Cujos: Mad dogs with the strength of five men
Hunters: Soft spoken, religious men that have simple words tattooed across their knuckles. They protest their innocence as they stab you in the back to fulfill their greed.
Hannibals: Well dressed cannibals. Eloquent.
Carries: Young psychic girls
Normans: Cross-dressing men with knives
Torrances: Wild-eyed drunk beasts with axes
Kurtzes: Gigantic slothful poetic warriors
Vaders: Robotic warriors dressed in all black
Kahns: Genetically modified humans seeking vengeance
Jokers: Gruesome clowns that attack with poisons
Audreys: Alien man-eating plants


  1. Example, right under everyone's nose the whole time: Devils.

  2. I did the Sauron write-up. Here you go:


    1. Thanks. I looked for maybe less than an hour, but just couldn't find it.

    2. I'm also amused by how each post is about a year apart!

  3. An Arnold - a killing-machine golem hidden by a fleshy exterior

    1. You know, I considered terminator, but it's the actor's name that is arnold.

    2. I've already kind of written the fleshy exterior and the skeleton underneath up:

      Clockwork Hunter (with flesh): http://www.peopletobe.com/clockworks/

      Clockwork Skeleton (no flesh):

  4. The sword & board guy statted up jokers.

  5. The sword & board guy statted up jokers.

  6. Banners: a subrace of especially studious, meek gnomes. When you perturb them, though...

  7. Here are some thoughts off the top of my head:

    Gacies (GA-sees)
    Corpulent humanoids with alabaster skin, whose face is pigmented as a clown. Has an insatiable desire for human flesh and will live amongst them, applying flesh-toned make-up to their skin and face to blend in. Will bury the bodies of its victims under the dirt where it dwells.

    Dahmers (DAH-mers)
    Emaciated humanoids with knobby limbs and living rictus grins. Dahmers hunt humans indiscriminately, looking to collect their bones. A Dahmer will utilize the bones so collected in the construction of a grand shrine to its Mad God.

  8. Kurgans: hard-to-kill berserkers obsessed with decapitation

  9. Torrances: Wild-eyed drunk beasts with axes

    Weird... my Fiend Folio says that a Torrance is a little kid with a psychic gnome living in his mouth.

    There must be two sub-species.


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