On the Exploration of Numenhalla

So here is the official post. You've seen me write about Numenhalla, talk about design, and espouse theories for a long time.

Now, take the time to actually play a game with me and see what all my theory looks like in practice.

I have no desire to spam a thousand people with game invites. So if you'd like to play, please go to the +Numenhalla page and follow on G+. The plan is to have games on G+, Saturday mornings at 8am Central Standard Time.

I am. . . uncertain of the amount of interest this announcement will generate. I will strive to include as many people as possible, referring to the dice in cases where decisions must be made.

In order to play, go to the +Numenhalla page and click on the about page. There you will see a link to the obsidian portal. Visit the sites obsidian portal page to download the player's guide for instructions on rolling up characters. The game is fundamentally B/X with some changes noted on the obsidian portal page. After a few days have passed, I will make post on the +Numenhalla page with plans for players.

I am shooting to have the first session February 9th, 8am to Noon, CST.

Questions can be directed to my e-mail, or my G+ page, or the Numenhalla G+ page.


  1. FWIW, I'd like to play, but Saturday mornings are completely impossible for me. I don't expect you to change anything, just letting you know. I followed regardless.

    1. There is certainly the possiblity of it happening during other mornings of the week.

  2. Please record the sessions to YouTube with the built in Google+ hangout recording! I love to see other DM's styles in action.


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