On the Thursday Trick, The Rotating Chambers

Rotating Chambers (Category: Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: Mechanical: Latch or SwitchEffects:Never Miss
Onset Delay
Multiple Targets
Save: NoneDuration:Special
Resets: AutomaticBypass:Special

Description: I hesitate to add this article because it is just a specific variant on sliding corridors and other tricks to stymie mappers.

This trope of a dungeon that has rotating corridors is extremely common. It is found in a wide variety of modules to the point where it's inclusion has become cliche (B4 The Lost City, FA2 Nightmare Keep, The Crypt of Luan Phien, et. al.). If it is that common there should be some advice to running it.

The basic conceit is that the exit doors do not always lead to the same corridor. Variations include the tesseract, where each door opens into a space that maps in a non-euclidean fashion, and other non-euclidean maps.

Detection/Disarming: The key to running this is to provide some indication that the corridors are shifting. The fact that where they are is not where they appear to be is a good clue to help them understand the indicator that they have provided.

It is also important that you be helpful when the players are working on their maps. This does not mean you tell them the solution or that they are correct or incorrect in their assumptions. It just means that when dealing with a complex maze like this, the challenge isn't in drawing accurate room sizes. It's in understanding the nature of the mechanism. Letting them discover the turn seams (once they are aware of the puzzles) and giving them accurate descriptions of the 'tiers' of rotation will not detract from their sense of discover any mystery.

As an aside, minimizing the amount of tedious combats in a situation like this might be a good idea. This doesn't mean the exploration of the mechanism can't be challenging, just that the focus should be on solving the problem.

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