On Interesting Treasure, Sapphire Skull Brooch

You thought a skull was a strange place to find this. However it's coated with diamonds and sapphires. You're not even worried about anyone seeing you have it -- your helm seems a natural place to store this until you get back to town to sell it.

Assuming you can survive to sell it, it has a fair market value of 8600 gold pieces


  1. What do you think the value of the "bro-oche" would be?


  2. You take this thing to the first merchant you come across in Big City. Merchant takes one look at it wide-eyed and asks, "Where in the 9 hells did you get this?"

    "It's a secret, now how much is it worth, and would you be willing to buy it?"

    "Ah, well...I'd estimate you have 9000 gold or so in your hand, but I don't have the kind of coin on me, sir."

    "Fine, thank you for your time."

    As the potential seller wanders off, words goes out rather quickly that there's a man who has a rather valuable brooch on him. The thieves' guild's ears are tickled...


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