On Interesting Treasure, the Brain Jewel

You've been killing dozens of these horrible slime beasts. After a lucky blow, a gleam caught your eye and you discovered each had a beautiful jewel surrounded by gold inside their slimy brains! So far you've collected 12 of these, though when you check your pack, you only count 9. Nothing to worry about through, you'll still make a hefty profit.

The Brain Jewel is worth 250 gold to an ignorant buyer.


  1. ...why do you only find 9?! Do they get inside YOUR brain?

    1. They find their way inside your head at night, when you are sleeping. They start to change you, subtly. You find yourself wanting more and more jewels. So much that you can't bear to be seperated from and are quite distressed when you find less and less in your hoard. You start to suspect your friends and family, they want your jewels too! Paranoïa sets in, you shun everyone. Finally, you search for a cool, dark and damn place, so you can finaly sleep...


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