On the Greatest Hits of 2012

A little best of 2012!

Things you don't want to hear at the gaming table!

On why monsters don't need strength bonuses.

On common misunderstanding regarding skill based play. It's not necessary to convince anyone of anything.

A post examining in depth the value and uses of children of orcs. It investigates their position in society, their natural inclination, and appropriate measures often taken by freelance explorers.

My series on set design. A simple direct way of keying adventures.

A series on the design demon. Discussing how adventures should be explicitly designed and have a structure to create an experience for players.

A series of hidden resources on the web. Useful excellent bodies of work that just somehow managed to be overlooked.

Ten things you probably don't know about hit points!

Six things you might not know about save or die!

Ten reasons wizards hang out in towers!

Ten ways to turn wizards into degenerate reprobates!

The pretentious orc meme.

A nifty little town generator! A great little resource.

An short entertaining tale of missed treasure.

A mega-dungeon checklist!

#2 for the year: 10 Basic Secret Doors!

And my number one post of 2012, A guide for new dungeon masters!

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