On the Contents of Cells in Prison

On a list of what you might find in a prison cell!

From Empty Rooms, Tricks & Basic Trap Design, a prison cell is a room or chamber designed for the purpose of confining people awaiting trial or sentencing. The contents of a cell that is 'empty' can include: a pallet, bed, desk, quill, paper, scrolls, books, bench, privy, straw, cot, stool, waste, stale or urine odor, blood, skeletons, manacles, wall cressets, trash/refuse, jug, plate, fork, spoon, file, barred window

What kind of interesting things can be found in a cell? Look below!

1. A window to the outside or surface.
2. A skeleton with basic gear
3. Rats or other vermin eating scraps of remaining meals
4. A monster, such as a dungeon inhabitant or spy.
5. A wild animal.
6. A small tool or key hidden under a mattress.
7. A baby.
8. A secret hidey-hole, filled with food, or the start of a tunnel to freedom (perhaps even completed!)
9. Coins or a small piece of jewelry.
10. A stash of porn, perhaps monster-girls?
11. Makeshift weapons, such as a shank.
12. A prisoner, ripe for recruitment or to replace a player character!

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