On Another Year Conquered.

Happy Holidays!

May your year be bright and merry, and filled with the screams of monsters as they fall beneath your blade!

Because, remember, you always kill Orcs.

Some entertaining videos!
Fisher Price D&D

Gandalf Style!
A full rendition of Misty Mountains Cold, all 27 verses.
A shorter version; the one above is how an elf would sing, this one, as a dwarf.
Never Split the Party, UNPLUGGED!

Finally, Community D&D Sex Scene!


  1. A moment of silence for all the orc children that will never get to open their "Gruumsh-mas" presents...

    Happy holidays to you!

  2. Happy holidays to you Courtney. Now that I have spent the last 45 minutes watching D&D themed music videos.

  3. The community D&D episode never gets old. I laughed just as hard to watching that video as I did the first time I saw the episode.


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