On the Most Useful Tool

Why isn't Abulafia bigger than it is?

(What's Abulafia, you say)

It's a wiki, filled with random generators for RPG's.

So you can go there, and click a link like Taverns, and BAM. You instantly have a tavern.

What's that? Not quite interesting enough for you? Maybe you have a table you like better? WELL IT'S A WIKI, so get on it and start adding.

There are several obnoxious hurdles to getting started. Here, today we are going to cover them all.


  • Spam problems require e-mailing the owner Dave Younce to open an account. He says "If you need to contact me directly, I am on G+ or you can email me on gmail using my first and last name with a . inbetween."
  • You create a new page by searching for the title of the page! It will bring up mentions of the phrase, and a red link that you can click to create the page.
  • You can edit current tables to make them more interesting by just editing the wiki.
  • An Example:
    • [main]
    • ;main
    • 1,you find 8 swords
    • 1,you find 8 bows
  • You create new tables using the tag [main]. Iterations ("X") is the number of times the table runs. 
  • [main] links to the table, listed below within the tags as ";main" without the quotes.
  • Brackets link to subtables.
  • The numbers in the tables are relative percentages.
  • Subtables can be from any page on the site, or further down on the same page! You could find 8 [items] and create an ;items table with the options, bows, swords, rats, shields etc.
  • What's really useful about this?

    You are probably gaming on a computer or with a tablet at the table. You can create your own user page, where you have links to all the tables.

    Then while you are gaming, you can simply click the link to the table to randomly generate results instead of having to roll dice or reference tables!

    Here's a sample of some of the gold that's on the site!

    Someone else converted my Armor Generation table from my posts about Armor I and II!
    Holy crap, look at these 1e DMG tables!
    Automated Megadungeon Zone Names? From my blog? Don't mind if you do!
    You know the Endless Bag of Tricks from Roger GS? Here it is, automated!

    Now who's going to start turning the Dungeon Dozen into tables?

    That's right, YOU!


    1. Holy crap this looks useful.
      Also, congrats on getting added! Must feel pretty good having your work deemed worthy enough to include in a compendium of other cool, useful things.

    2. Great summary!

      However, it's worth remembering that Abulafia is under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. If you put your own content on there, you're putting it under that licence - and it's a violation of copyright law to put other people's works up there unless they're already Creative Commons Attribution licensed.

      Of course, there's an easy solution to this: more people in the gaming community could license their blogs under the Creative Commons Attribution licence so their work can definitely be reused on Abulafia!


    3. I put together some generators for filling out NPC spell lists here:


    4. Sure, you can make tables for your games and it is quite useful. Until someone edits them in ways that are not at all what you want in your game. Or just plain don't understand what you were doing (or what they are doing) and mess them up. This site would be way more useful if you could choose to lock people out of editing certain tables. It's still fun to play with, but don't come to rely on it or you will be disappointed someday.. Unless you actually do want everyone's ideas of what belongs in a game to be part of yours as well.

      1. It is a site that generates random results from random tables.

        Is your argument here that you are going to have too much creativity in your game? Or that you can't find the 'reload page' button? Or is it that you won't have control over every last thing in your game?

        You better not invite any players over then. They might have their own ideas about what they want to do, and then 'mess everything up' causing 'you [to be] disappointed someday'.

      2. Hey now, no need to give me attitude or imply I can't find the reload page button. That is just being insulting and is rather immature and small of you. I'm curious what made you think it was a good idea to attack and insult me, based on your own (false) assumptions about me and my game.

        I love creativity, and of course I love when my players throw in new and unexpected stuff or get their own ideas, which they do every single time we play. My whole game is based around them getting their own ideas! Frankly, you don't know what kind of games I run (hint: they are full of imaginative and very random things). You are, for whatever reason, getting ridiculously defensive and assuming things about me that are just not true.

        But for my own prep purposes, yeah... I'd like to eliminate some of the things that just do not fit within the realm of the game being played. And, that said, my main complaint about the site is that people can literally "mess up" generators you have made, as in, not take time to understand how it is put together, or the thought and planning you put in to making the syntax work, and so on, and gum them up with wonky end results. Not "bad ideas", but bad implementation.

        It was a minor complaint, but it does address the whole "why aren't more people using it" issue. I hope that makes my statements a bit clearer for you.

      3. It is my belief that what you are describing does not happen.

        It's a wiki. There are discussion pages, roll-back functions and a host of tools besides.

        These are the same arguments against wikipedia and this kind of stuff doesn't happen there (and when it does is trivially fixed.)

    5. I made a sandbox Region generator on Abulafia for use with the rules in "An Echo, Resounding". Located here: http://www.random-generator.com/index.php?title=InstantRegion


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