On the Misrepresentation of Facts II

Did you hear, the blogosphere is dying!

Rank Idiocy.

Some people have commented lately that there don't seem to be as many blog posts as of late. They have drawn the conclusion from this that the era of OSR and blogging is done!

Here are today's "MYTHS OF THE BLOGOSPHERE" dispelled.

The blogosphere/role-playing/gaming is dying!

For those of you lost at home, let's take a look at exactly what is happening.

  1. It's summer. People universally post less in the summer, because gaming is a seasonal activity.
  2. Both I and Chris Kutalik of Hill Cantons have recently become new fathers. 
  3. Heavy hitting bloggers like Jeff Reints (Broodmother Sky Fortress), Michael Curtis (Dungeon Alphabet Reprint), and James Maliszewski (Dwimmermount) are hard at work on new projects. I've had fewer opportunities to post because I've been busy at work finishing Alchemy.
  4. People are actually gaming a lot more, which means more discussion on G+, more time spent playing games, and more time spend using blogs for archival purposes instead of actual discussion.
  5. For all the people who have lost interest and drifted out of blogging, new people have been drifting in, and you haven't been adding them. So although the blogosphere is as rich as it ever was, you just aren't reading it!
Everyone misses the old days and wishes that Cyclopetron would post again, or Sham, or that Gogonmilk might post more often. Even older, how nice it would be to see another post from the old days of Sickly Purple Death Ray or more frequent updates from Beyond the Black Gate.
So what to do about your blogsphere being empty? Here are the current heavy hitters in the blogosphere. I've given a bit of description to each one, so you aren't clicking through blindly. I'd bold the ones worth following, but if they are in the list, they are worth following.

Now can we stop propagating myths and get back to writing about games?


  1. May I humbly submit my own OSR blog which I've actually started posting more often on over the past couple of years?

  2. Thanks for the shout out but ... it's summer? In Australia, I guess :)

  3. Well said! And thanks for list containing some new blogs to start reading!

  4. In the same spirit as the digital orc, I'd like to throw my own Signe of the Frothing Mug into the ring.

  5. Congratulations on being a new dad! It makes blogging and gaming a lot tougher to accomplish, that is for sure. I should know, I am also a new dad as of April of last year. I have also been busy working on a new project (http://impgame.blogspot.com/) that I have been collaborating with Bat (Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets) on, so Swords Against the Outer Dark hasn't seen much action lately. I think what we are seeing now is less quantity and more quality coming out of the OSR, which is a great thing in my opinion!

  6. I have a long list of new blogs waiting for me to add to my already full to the brim blog list. Since blogger has made changes I've found it impossible to delete dead blogs off my list and so unable to add new ones, which is frustrating. But the point is there's no let up on new blogs to follow and the new ones outnumber the dead ones.

  7. Since the RPGBA is easy as all hell to sign up to for new bloggers, a lot of what I read i get from there. I miss some stuff occasionally, but at no point do i worry that the well is drying up. And I've not been at this for six months yet, so I'm kinda new. http://shortymonster.co.uk/

  8. Thank you for the link. I try to post interesting things, but find I only have time to post 6-12 times a month.

    I highly recommend Gusty's blog, Dungeon of Signs

  9. Congrats on fatherhood and thanks for the mention. I think you may have sent the last few folks to me that pushed my followers to 300 :)

  10. But propagandizing myths is so much easier than coming up with blog content!

  11. Put a new person into a community, and within a year they'll be talking about the 'good ol' days,' and bemoaning the death of what once was.

    Thanks for the shout out. I'm touched a guy with as many clever ideas as you thinks I'm creative.

    Or maybe I'm just really really self effacing.

  12. I too wish to submit my gaming blog for the consideration of the assembled: http://wanderinggamist.blogspot.com/


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