On the Misrepresentation of Facts Part I

Something has got my burr up.

I would hope my loyal readers would be smarter than the average bear.

I bet if you owned a railroad, you would be pretty bitter business isn't as good as it was in 1880, right? I mean we're much worse off now, aren't we? Doesn't it take longer to ship goods and cross the country?

What an Aquamaroon!

Blogs are sources of information and news. The natural tendency is to notice one or two things and extrapolate general trends. This is foolish.

Here are today's "MYTHS OF THE BLOGOSPHERE" dispelled.

Megadungeons are old hat/No fun/Out of vogue

So there was an article and a meme about 2000 copper and some rats. There was also some discussion about how a single session of Dwimmermount didn't go well for a single group. The Era of the Megadungeon Must be Over! 

Uh, whatever. 

In the year 2000 there were just a handful published mega-dungeons, Temple of Elemental Evil, Teagle Manor and Undermountain. Castle Greyhawk was a myth.

Today, in addition to Dwimmermount of the 2000 copper meme, there is Barrowmaze, Stonehell, Castle of the Mad Archmage, Rappan Athuk, Anomalous Subsurface EnvironmentNumenhalla, and Worlds Largest Dungeon (Don't bother so much with that last one), as well as several others in development on G+, Blogs, and Forums, (Most notably by Benoist Poire)

Oh, you say, but those aren't very popular or good.
  1. Rappan Athuk kickstarted 246,541$
  2. Barrowmaze II kickstarted 12,702$ For an OSR project.
  3. Barrowmaze reviews: "Wow." "Instant Classic" "Worth getting for the joy of reading alone".
  4. The most popular game ever on G+ was a megadungeon not listed above!
Oh, you say, but these aren't very original.
  1. Here is Keith Davies Multi-part theory series about Mega-Dungeon Node Design.
  2. Here is the new, great Megadungeons.com website, covering all megadungeon news!
  3. Here is an obscene amount of work collected at the first of this year.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it. The era of the megadungeon lives!


  1. In 2000, there was also Greyhawk Ruins. Still, the point is well-taken.

  2. I have a few mega-dungeons on my shelf...haven't played any of them.

  3. The Darkness Beneath (the dungeon serialised in Fight On! magazine) is a brilliant megadungeon too - every bit as good as Anomalous Subsurface Environment.

  4. There's entirely too much READING of adventures and megadungeons and too little ACTUAL PLAY. Modules/megadungeons are not literature. Reading a boring room description does not equal a boring play experience. Half these freaking whiners only play twice a year and spend the rest of the time pontificating about "good dungeon design" and such. The megadungeon lives for those who enjoy it. The microdungeon thrives for those who play in it. Gaming thrives around a table with real players PLAYING.

  5. Thank you for being a fellow voice of reason! Why are human beings so obsessed with declaring the coming end of things, especially when there's so much evidene to the contrary?


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