On the Thursday Trick, Paranoid Party

Paranoid Party (Various)

Trigger: Mechanical: Latch or SwitchEffectsMultiple Targets
Save: VariesDuration: Instant
Resets: ManualBypass: Disarm

Description: So, whether you play with the thief or not, someone has to open the chests. And that can be a thing that brings out the worst in people.

Paranoia traps are really a measure against people who assume that the thief must take all the risks. The general idea is no matter what happens, the rest of the party lets the bulk of the risk fall on the thief.

These traps are all attached to chests. When triggered the only safe space is the space near the chest. Rocks fall or monsters are released, or walls crush, or pits trigger, everywhere but where the chest is. The person opening the chest is safe.

Detection/Disarming: Unlike traditional chest traps (where I talk about how I avoid agency with them here), these traps should have some sort of indicator of whatever effect occurs away from the chest. The trigger mechanism can be disarmed in the chest, but if failed or not discovered, the trap dooms the rest of the party.

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