On the Thursday Trick, Elevators

Elevators (Special)

Trigger: Mechanical: Latch or Switch
Mechanical: Timed
Mechanical: Interaction
EffectsOnset Delay
Save: VariesDuration: Instant
Resets: AutomaticBypass: None (Avoid)
Selective Trigger

Description: Do you have elevators in your dungeon?

If you don't, you should. As always, there should be several that are safe to convince players that they are trustworthy.

Following here are some examples of traps for elevators.

Pushing the call button can open a pit in front of the elevator.
Pushing a certain button inside the elevator might cause the bottom of the elevator to fall out.
Have an elevator work for a while and then get stuck. When they try to break out, they discover that the air-tight elevator shaft is filled with poison gas.
Have the buttons reversed and only activating once an hour.
Have only mono-directional elevators.
Have a sign that says 'Push to go up' and a button. Pushing the sign makes it go up, pushing the button makes it go down.
Have the down button release the elevator to fall down the shaft.

Detection/Disarming: I'll just say this now. A smart adventurer will not get in an enclosed mechanical box for any reason, and if they do they deserve whatever they get.

After all, you're here to rob the place. Do you want to push the call button for assistance?

Still, mechanical traps like these are difficult to adjudicate. It can be handwaved like doors and chests, or you can design specific types of elevators (Wikipedia:Elevator), so that curious players can understand how the mechanisms work to protect themselves from them. This process can also be abstracted by 'black boxing'  the entire mechanical subsystems and forcing the players to experiment to discover what the elevator does, but this requires that no result be lethal.

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