On T versus O, battle of the SR's!

Here is a list of differences between TSR and the OSR!

  1. Far less focus on ninjas in the OSR
  2. The OSR is profitable
  3. Artists have had 20 years to become more awesome and draw something that someone else didn't draw first
  4. Somehow the bard is still stupid
  5. Fans of the OSR don't get beat up nearly as much
  6. The OSR has a dozen times the number of zombies as TSR did
  7. Forum arguments happen much faster then they did in Dragon Magazine. . . .
  8. . . . But they are all still on the same topics!
  9. The OSR can keep more then 2 rulesets going at the same time
and finally, number one. . .
The OSR doesn't mess around with putting "NPC" in front of new classes.


  1. With regard to number 5: When TSR was around we were younger and wimpy. Now we're older and angry. Thus the lessening of the beatings ;-)

  2. . . . But they are all still on the same topics!

    Ain't this the truth.


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