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Don't you love the things in that picture?

I got what I consider to be a tremendous response to my poll. I had over 10% of my readership vote and believe it or not, that's pretty outstanding.

Let's look at the data.

Deathless Gods. 11 votes. This is about 5% of the vote and understandable. There's no sample of work to look at. That said, I really think that 11 people out there are interested enough to say so is pretty encouraging. I should point out that this is the only real option in the list that appeals to more then just our oh, so limited gaming base. So I think it's a relatively secure assumption you'll see something like this from me in the future.

Numenhalla. 51 votes. This was something of a surprise, that there would be so much interest in my barely mentioned mega-dungeon. I had it in play-testing with multiple groups at different times in the week, and made sure that the sections I had completed tapped into that gestalt of classic adventure that we all lust after. The positive response has actually convinced me that this is one of the key projects I will be focusing on soon. As a completely added bonus, this will mean I need to play-test, which means I will be opening the doors to Reintsian adventure on G+.

Design Compilation. 86 votes. This was not a surprise. Know two things. Everything that would be in this is currently available on the site either on the sidebar (Tricks, Treasure) or in the agency or Thursday trick posts. Second, I ain't by  far sight done writing traps, about agency, or creating new interesting items yet. So I figured I'd continue doing that until I felt done, before I started wrapping everything up.

Dungeons & Discourse. 46 votes. I am fully of the belief that the world doesn't need another retro-clone. This was placed here to discover exactly what the general opinion of it is. Rest assured, that I think the current plan obviates any need for anything like this. Agency material will go in the Design Compilation. My Psionic Handbook is available for download on the right hand bar. Alchemy is finished and will be available 'soon', and the rest you likely already have access to or would modify yourself! Nothing is lost here.

Magic Codex.  56 votes. Nearly as popular as Numenhalla! To do something like this is a large project, whereas it would be fairly simple (4-6 weeks) to release each section of Numenhalla as a modular release. Codifying this is a big task. Know that I'm pleased with the positive response and likely will be diving into something like this after I take a well earned break from the year of labor it took to produce Alchemy.

I'd like to extend a personal thank you to everyone who voted. Your continued support is appreciated. It was meaningful to me. Now, instead of reading this, you should probably do some work on your own games, no?

See you at the gaming table!

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  1. We are going thru A2 tonight, just completed A1 last Monday :) Death to the Slavelords


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