On the Thursday Trick, Springboard

Springboard (Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure PlateEffects:Never Miss
Multiple Targets
Save:Armor Class
Duration: Instant
Resets: Manual

Description: Players are always looking down, aren't they?

This trap is simple. A pressure plate covers a tightly coiled spring. One step and there (like all pit traps) is a 3 in 6 chance that the player will be blasted up, up and away!

Options for the ceiling include:
Ceiling: Does 3d6 damage (2d6 from spring momentum and 1d6 "falling" damage)
Spikes: As above, 1-6 spikes make attacks at ThAC0 8 (+12) and do double damage.
Poison Spikes: And save or die.
Fake ceiling: The climb up doesn't do you in, it's the fall back down.
Blades: Shoots up up about 30' in the air. Up into that tunnel. The one that's lined with knives. say 6d6 damage per 10' (per Blade Barrier)
Psyche out: Sends you up up and away, and then falls to the side, opening up the pit down beneath.

Detection/Disarming: All of these are highly entertaining. You may provide agency in several ways.
The pressure plate is under pressure and tension and so may be ever so slightly higher then the surrounding tiles.

The primary way this trap may be noticed is the ceiling itself. It will be bloodstained, have spikes, or effects from the various options listed above.

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