On a Special Request of You

Who knows what the future holds?

What power you have to guide it! I ask for your help.

I've just finished a major project (Alchemy, a comprehensive libram useful for all editions and clones of that game you know) and have fixed several major bugs in the Victorian/Pulp/Steampunk roguelike project I maintain (Steamband)

I have many things I would like to do next. I want to do them all! But what do you want? Which of these gets you the most excited! So excited you pull out your wallet and throw your credit card at the screen!

- Deathless Gods, an episodic graphic work telling the tale of the Titan's rule eternal. Amaranthine titans that stride endlessly upon the earth, for they do not die.  Damaged men and women, of strange power and twisted fate, seek aid from long absent gods hoping soon that even the deathless will die. Done in the style of Snarfquest and other classic fantasy works, but leveraging future ideas covered in Scott McClouds "Reinventing Comics".

-Numenhalla, modular sections from my megadungeon. These sections can be used as independent adventure sites or when together. Keyed using my classic set design formula and lots of illustrations. This includes unique monsters, deep dungeon ecosystems, and design from the principles espoused in my adventure design series.

-Dungeon Design Compilation, a collection of my Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design document, plus my Interesting Treasure document, including all the tricks, traps, interesting treasure and more from my blog. This will be reorganized to make it much more useful, using techniques honed over years of use at my table, and give deep practical information on giving players agency.

-Dungeons & Discourse, A retro-clone designed around enabling player agency. Unlike other games that include lists of powers, this instead gives you just as much customization without all the verbiage and the rules. You already have all those different games, why not use them all as a resource?! A treatise on agency for both the DM & the players, leading to really experience the feeling of wonder and adventure on the table.

-A Magic Codex, Sure their have been spell systems and supplements written before, but a book that gives you the guidelines to creating your own unifying theory of magic? Serious realistic options for restructuring magic in any game, using the countless resources you already have! Extensive guidelines for Demonology, Rune Magic, and covering over 100 different types of caster.


  1. Cool! I've wanted more alchemy for 4e D&D for a long time!

    1. That's a funny comment.

      It 'works' with 4e, but since 4e has hard limits on how much damage you are allowed to do at each level and how much gold you can have per level and what you must spend it on to maintain 'level effectiveness' and how much adventuring you are allowed/required to do each level, it is a very poor fit, by intentional design, for material that works with preceding editions.

      The very fact that they are stock-pileable effects breaks fundamental 4e assumptions.

      That said, I imagine many of these effects are trivially converted into 'powers' by simply looking at the table for how much damage any player gets to do per turn per level. Since 4e is on its way out and virtually no 3rd party publishers produce material for it, 4e game-masters will have a lot of practice at this type conversion.

      That said, the document does include DC's which work just fine with 4e, percentile success chances, Non-weapon proficiency values, challenge class, and game system independent base success chances for each and everyone of the 900+ items. Examples, all of which are included in the book can be found in any of my alchemy posts.


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