On the Thursday Trick, The Vacuum Door

When is a stuck door not a stuck door?

The Vacuum Door(Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger:Mechanical: Latch or SwitchEffects:Never Miss
Multiple Targets
Save:DexterityDuration: Instant
Resets: Manual/AutomaticBypass: None (Avoid)

Description: There are two types of these traps. The first is the vacuum in a closed chamber, the second is a door that leads to another realm.

In the first case, there is some sort of mechanism, either magical or mechanical that removes the air from a chamber or room. Then, when the brave delvers break the seal, the air pressure will suck them forward into a pit, spikes, or whatever heinousness you have prepared on the other side of the door. This should provide a hefty penalty (at least +4) to any saving throws or checks made to avoid the nearby hazard.

The second case, the door is a literal portal to space. In that case, the suction will not stop, as the vacuum is very low pressure. Now because this isn't a small, enclosed area, but is indeed a non-pressure zone next to an entire planets atmosphere, there is a great deal of suction that will occur as the atmosphere attempts to equalize (for real). This can be stopped by closing doors in the nearby areas, but then the pressure will equalize and there will be a larger vacuum.

Detection/Disarming: Depending on the substance of the door, the material may be bowed. A door that's stuck will be different and react differently then one where the other side is pressurized. The real danger comes from deciding to kick in the door. Normal attempts to open it will cause intense pressure and rushing of wind, giving a bit of a clue to what will happen if the door is swung wide.

However, if you are cruel enough to have the door open inward. . .

The inspiration for this trap is a quite near death in a certain online game by Jeff Reints

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