On Interesting Treasure: Ancient Grimoire

Ancient books are covered in mildew. They often contain minutia of little interest to the brave adventurer.

At first, this book appears to be a book of nothing but records. Materials in and out, like a log book, of receipts. Seems worthless.

A closer look reveals a strange set of ingredients. Each entry contains such oddities as
1 grd Brb D. Horn
20 ct. Ruby
10 d. pwd. G
12 H. Hnd. Teeth

The are grouped in small dates. What could happen if you collected those materials?

Gold Piece Value: 2 gold to a book dealer; 200+ gold to an interested alchemist.


  1. I get Ground Barbed Demon Horn, and Hell Hound Teeth, but what is a ct. Ruby and a d. pwd. G.?

    Powdered gold?

  2. 20 carats of powdered ruby (200 gp)

    10 dram powdered gold (100 gold)


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