On a Character Sheet

Hey! Here's a scan of the character sheet I'm using for my game!
Bleed, Pain and Internal (bleed) are from my GA3: Table for Avoiding Death
The Escalation Track is how stats are improved. Every 7/13 rolled fills in a dot. The player who points it out gets 100 experience. Once the track is full, rolling a 9 will raise a stat.
The weapons section has dots indicating proficiency, over a roman numeral II. This is the number of attacks every 2 rounds. Missile weapons are treated as if they were over a roman numeral I (Excepting crossbows).
The blank at the top is for the name of the campaign. The space in the middle is for a portrait.  
The .jpg is print quality.

The back of the sheet is the Lamentations of the Flame Princess sheet back. It is the most singularly useful sheet back in the history of gaming.


  1. Just realized I'm an idiot & can't read. Nothing to see here, move along...

  2. Hi! Like your sheet quite alot. Can you tell us something more about the system you are using?
    I can tell it's some properly house-rules version of Basic/Expert D&D, i'll guess. but can you enlighten me as to the house rules?
    How do you do weapon proficiency, and what skill system are you using? Looks like increasing level of skill use = higher skill die, but what target number is this against?
    In general: im curious about your system! I realize it's an old-ish post of yours, but hope you will still enlighten me :)

    1. Aye. House-ruled loose B/X.

    2. Cool :) That's my favorite D&D iteration as well! (that and AD&D and Hackmaster :)
      Can you tell some more about the house rules, especially the skill system and the weapon prof, system, but also the parts about bleeding/wounds/increasing stats sounds interesting.

      Maybe you have a house rules document?

    3. This and associated links should tell you about skills.

      This series and the download on the sidebar on the right for GA3 talks about the critical system I use.

      This post talks a little about this game.

      and This post explains the stat increase method.

    4. My current house rules can be found by looking at the Numenhalla tag, and finding a link to the obsidian portal, and checking out the resources link on the wiki.


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