On The Thursday Trick, The Rolling Boulder

The Rolling Boulder (Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: AnyEffects:Never Miss
Onset Delay
Multiple Targets
Save: DexterityDuration:Varies
Resets: NoneBypass: None (Avoid)

Description: Everyone in the world is familiar with this trap. You're minding your own business when the trap is triggered, and WHAM. There is a giant rolling boulder heading towards you.

A small sized rolling bolder will do 6d8 damage. A man sized bolder with do 10d10 damage. A large boulder will do 20d12 damage. Each round the boulder rolls, add an additional die for momentum. A successful save will cut this damage in half. There will often be multiple small boulders used.

Here are some information and variations on this classic trap.

There may be space along the wall (where you will duck if you want to save versus the boulder) or small cubby holes. It is fine to fill these with poison spikes that are triggered the same time the boulder is. I recommend some damage over time to give them the opportunity to ponder their fate.

This is especially entertaining when they discover that the boulder is an illusion. 

The 'boulder' may be a solid crystal/gold/platinum whatever metal. It may be an art object such as a globe.

There may be plenty of space to dodge, behind fragile containers that have acid, poison gas or oil in them.

Their may be grooves in the walls or floor to escape, only to discover large wheels or crushing stones pulverizing anything in those spaces.

Assuming the trap has ever been triggered, there will be signs of it's passage, crushed metal and bodies, scratches and scrapes in stone.

Due to the size and cost of this trap, it is usually not used for protection of an area. It is generally designed to punish someone who is exploring an unused or unneeded area. Other signs of the trap may be that the area is rarely visited.

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