On The Thrusday Trick, The Deadly Ramp

The Deadly Ramp (Special, Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: Mechanical: Interaction Effects:Never Miss
Multiple Targets
Save: Breath WeaponDuration:Special
Resets: AutomaticBypass: Disarm

Description: The delvers enter a small room, with only one exit. A long hallway that slopes up for perhaps 50' or 60', ending in doorway.

The room that the players have entered is distrubing! Bones and particulate matter line the floor, the wall has a dark smudged mark about 7' high all around, and at the very back is a heavy iron grate bolted and fused into place with spaces about 1 centimeter wide. Only darkness results beyond.

Walking up the hallway, the character's may notice small 1' iron grates spaced about 3' apart at just above eye level up the entire length of the sloped hallway. The floor of the hallway is rough.

At the top of the stairway lies a door. This door is trapped.

Upon attempting to open the door, or if the door is kicked down, the release is triggered, and highly flammable oil dumps into the hallway as a steel slab drops down over the entrance. This predictable causes some difficulty moving, perhaps causing delvers to fall if they fail a save versus breath weapon.

Near the doorway a fine mist is sprayed out of the oil at eye level. This should be enough to ignite the entire hallway. If not, those delvers who fall and slide down the hall will discover that their metal armor sparks nicely against the flint hallway. Damage for total immersion in fire is 6d6-10d6 a round.

After everyone in the raging inferno has died, two turns later, the select timed release happens and the room is sealed as water rushes in through the grates. It fills the bottom chamber to a height of seven feet, cleaning the evidence of the death, and then drains down the release when it opens six turns later.

Of course, anyone still alive will likely drown.

Detection/Disarming: Long before this trap is encountered, you should become aware of the shoes your players are wearing. Unless anyone is wearing metal soled boots or full plate, the flint will not spark.

There are many many things going on with this trap. If the players investigate the entrance door, they will find the hollow where the steel slab that locks them in is located.

The bones are in fact dead burnt remains of delvers. The dark smudge is a collection of soot and dirt that has remained at the high water mark.

The heavy iron grate and the grates as you walk up the stairs are clean, being that they have a through washing with water after the trap is triggered. Attempting to look inside with non-magical means will reveal nothing, being that the mechanism is out of sight down a chimney. A Wizard Eye, Clairvoyance or other spell will trivially allow the detection of the oil and water located beyond.

The floor is flint. Any dwarf for close examination of the 'rough' floor will reveal it, as will anyone wearing metal-shod boots.

The nozzles that spray the mist are in plain view over the door, although they are well integrated with the stonework. The door is trapped with a pressure plate, where any movement of the door while it's connected to the hinges will trigger the trap.

There is a nondescript stone on the wall to the right of the door which will disarm the whole trap for one minute.

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