On A Proper Approach

Garth: Pebble happy. {Discussing Jordan's cautious new character}

Jordan: Throws a pebble at everything.

DM: A what?

Garth: A pebble.

Jordan: He throws a pebble at everything.

DM: Oh, he's paranoid. That was what made me think of what I told you earlier. Is that the solution is not to just do more and more paranoid things taking longer and longer. The solution is to think about whatever is being presented.

Garth: I like to picture us as pigeons in an experiment. Sometimes we don't die so like before we go in a room, we turn around, we touch all the corners of the door, back up a little bit, and then it's safe to get in there.


DM: *Cooing*



DM: Is that a 1?

Garth: More or less.


DM: He's wearing a two-toned outfit.

Garth: Hi, what's your name?

DM: My name's Dougel.

Jordan: Hi Dougel, what do you do?

DM: I'm saving up for Jester school! I'm gonna be a Jester!

Garth: That's. . . Admirable.

DM: Did you hear the one about the cow that didn't have any legs?

Garth: Ground beef?

DM: GAH! Like I said, saving up for Jester school.

Jordan: You know how you make a Kleenex dance? You put a boogie in it.

DM: I don't know what a Kleenex is!

Garth: That sounds like a brand.



DM: you receive notice from a page that the town council wants you to attend their next session.

Rachel: When is that?

DM: Uh, at some indeterminate point in the future which allows you to do anything that you'd like to do beforehand.


DM: I do think that the primary culpability on that was your impulsiveness. The thing I want to avoid is when when we did this with {A former player} he said "Well I just want to make a big, long, list of all the things I do every time I walk in anywhere." The point isn't to create an exhaustive checklist of activity, the point is that it's like a choose your own adventure or a word puzzle. The clues are given in the environment.

Jordan: What do you do when you walk into a room. Here's an excel spreadsheet.

DM: He made the list. He was writing stuff down. I was like, "Don't do that." He was like, "I'm not going to miss anything". We always do all these things. I'm like, "No, no, that's not what it's all about".


DM: They see you and say, "Hey, Who the f&*k are you?" and draw their weapons.

Garth: "Hey! . . . We. . .uh, need you to not be here anymore."


DM: Ok! Roll for initiative.


Jordan: That is fantastic. Captain Obvious. Way to go.


Garth: We didn't have a plan. You can just comprehend languages real quick.

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  1. The Excel comment resonates with some thoughts I'll be expanding on in my blog's next post ...


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