On Alchemical Items, A Potion of Shrieking

Potion of Shrieking
BSC:10%(R)gp:720 gp
DC:26TTC:2 days
CC:10CGP::220 gp
D100:-15%Weight:- / 20
D6:1 in 6 / 6Difficulty:Very Hard

Materials: Purified Water (1 ounce), Rare Earths (2 drams), Djinni Hair /Air Essence (4 drams), Barbed Devil Horn/Barbed Devil Horn (2 drams),
Description: Once consumed, this potion has two separate effects that may be enacted. The potion may be used 3 times before the duration expires. Either ability may be used.
First the imbiber may shout in a cone that goes out 6" in front of the imbiber to a width of 3" (30' cone). All targets within this cone must save versus paralyzation or take 2d6 Sonic damage. (Fortitude Save DC 18) Those that save successfully take half damage. All items must save versus crushing blow (Items take an equivalent amount of sonic damage)
The other ability is a piercing yell. This affects a 4" radius (20' radius sphere). All targets must make a save versus Paralyzation (Will save DC 14 versus a sonic, mind-affecting effect). On a failed will save targets are stunned for one round, on a successful save, the targets are only dazed.
Note that this potion does not discriminate and affects all targets in the radius.

Rules are here.

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